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    Wow so after all these days finally had the urge to break through the bubble of laziness that surrounds me at all times and finally register for this site.

    Thanks to Cats777 who provided me the inspiration(perhaps too much inspiration) for this little project of mine.
    Initially it was meant for personal use like my own personal playlist but then my friends pitched in and recommended me songs to add in so yea. This is the first time perhaps it'll gain any public exposure. (std::cout << "Hello World" << std::endl;) (Yes I suck at HTML, ironic right?)


    Here's the website.

    It's a hand-curated list of g00d songs. (Have a listen and feel free to put in recommendations)
    (As the wise Cats777 once said, have an open mind as well.)
    These songs aren't specifically game related as well. There's a mixture of songs.
    The songs are all 320kbps mp3 that are being streamed. (I am sort of a audiophile and might've even streamed FLACs if it was possible)

    I'm poor so I use free .tk links and free web hosting. (Sed lyf). Opening the website you'd see something that looks very similar to the VIP player hosted here at Aersia(too much inspiration, remember?) It belonged to an open source project I found on GitHub that copied the aesthetics of the VIP player but in HTML5 with just one index.html to rule them all.
    (Follows even the same XML structure as used for the current player)
    Used it so that it could play properly on most devices. (That microwave still doesn't seem to play it for some reason. Idk why lmao anyyyyhoooowww)
    The project link is below.

    Also if you're wondering how the songs are hosted and which genie is providing that almost limitless bandwidth for 320kbps mp3 well.... Who else other than Google?
    Google drive, upload songs, direct link generator that generates a direct link and then shorten it using is.gd since XML does weird stuff when links have punctuation marks. And that's it tbh.
    Hope you enjoy it.

    Credits to Cats777 for the inspiration. (The design is perhaps his?)

    Have a nice time!

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