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Discussion in 'Gentlepeople's Gathering' started by Leglo99, Feb 26, 2022.

  1. Leglo99 Colby League

    I'm no regular, that's noticeable enough. There's a clear disconnect in any care I'd have for the history of this place and whatever precursor sites and concepts existed before Aersia. I still want to ask if there's still any sort of activity on this site despite the hot air that represents any reason I'd really have to care. A little bit wasteful to ask I know considering I can just look with my eyes, which I did, and I can see that it's basically a big fat no. I think all I'm getting at is that the question is less for an answer of yes or no polarity and more for a declaration of "hey, I can see you guys! I know this place exists!" Which this little website probably hasn't experienced for a while.
    I'll turn this opener around a little, and I won't mark it as a question since whatever question is hidden in the nonsense I was just typing isn't really the purpose of the post. I'll just introduce myself instead.
    I'm Leglo, rarely now though. Recently I've been going by King+, Phobe and a myriad of other names that I have stamped on my back (because it's easy to run away from names on the internet) and I found Aersia after I had taken a dive into preserving a bunch of flash files per the decimation of the plugin. I came across one of the playlist files (I don't remember which one) and wanted to dig into the history. That's something I did with most of the more niche files I had found, just so happens that out of all of them this one had an actual set of leads.

    So hi, I hope your day is going well, and if someone's still paying for the website I'll gamble that someone sees this. I'd be happy to hear the story of this place if anyone who could tell would be willing to spout it.
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  2. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    Welcome to Aersia! :D Sorry to say these forums are quite dead. :o
  3. BiscuitCookie Colby League

    Probably because a lot of other places took over communications in general (not for aersia). Like discord, twitter, reddit is where everyone flocks to instead of specialized communication platforms like BBS/forums.
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  4. XzX_0V3R_$W4GUL4TE_XzX Gorgonzola League

    my use of this site always greatly corresponds to my exam periods, but I'm about to have my final one this month...
    Maybe if I should do a PhD to stay in the habit
  5. derek American League

    hello dead forums! really appreciate the playlist, it's been good BGM for studying for years.

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