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Discussion in 'Playlists' started by Radscale, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Radscale Feta League

    Hey all!

    I've been a fan of the Aersia playlists for many years now, but as the years went on I had grown annoyed by Flash shenanigans and like many others decided to write a new HTML5 player from scratch as a side project. And yeah, it's an another one.

    Please feel free to give the player a try here!

    Current release: Beta 5 - 0.5.4 - 2020-11-29

    What can it do:
    • Play VIP, Mellow, Source, Exiled, WAP and CPP playlists
    • Play tracks in ordered or shuffle mode, or even loop over a single track
    • Allows for track blacklisting and custom playlist creation (import/export functionality in progress)
    • Lets you turn the Mellow Rain ™ on
    • It can be installed on mobiles (Android, iOS) without permissions as a Progressive Web App
    • It works with your phone screen off (Android, iOS is in progress)
    • ...and it's in active development!

    Release roadmap:
    • Load roster metadata from Aersia server - ✔️
    • Play tracks in standard order - ✔️
    • Shuffle playback - ✔️
    • Volume control - ✔️
    • Basic persistency - Beta 1 - ✔️
    • Display reponsiveness - Beta 2 - ✔️
    • Extended media session info and control for mobile - Beta 3 - ✔️
    • Background playback and stability fixes - Beta 4 - ✔️
    • Track blacklisting, custom playlists and mellow rain - Beta 5 - ✔️
    • Extra features??? - Beta 6+
    • Mobile PWA support - 1.0 goal

    Upcoming features:
    • Custom playlist import/export
    • Hot-linking for songs
    • Player themes
    • Offline mode
    • Timed sleep mode

    I will most likely keep returning to this project in the longer run to add more or less necessary features, so your feedback is strongly encouraged and welcome!
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  2. o100nome Feta League

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  3. Radscale Feta League

    Awesome to hear!

    I'll be pushing updates to add proper mobile support over the next weeks, so do let me know if anything stops working or straight out breaks so I can get on it ASAP!
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  4. Radscale Feta League

    Beta 3 is here!

    The update comes with a few tweaks and fixes, mainly for mobile devices:
    • Background playback on most Android and iOS browsers
    • Playback controls via persistent notification (Android) and Control Center (iOS, work in progress)
    • Basic Progressive Web Application support. Eligible Android devices will get a prompt to "install" the application to your home screen. Works like a native app but is based on Chrome, no additional permissions needed. This feature will be heavily improved upon in future, possibly adding offline functionalities when installed. iOS support coming very soon - Apple is actually pushing out a new iOS Safari version with support for this feature right now.
    • Fixed full-screen playback issue on iOS Safari
    • Minor graphics changes

    Additionally the player now runs on HTTPS by default. Huge thanks to our overlord Cats777 for enabling SSL for Aersia resources - it made further work on PWA possible!

    More news coming soon!
  5. sfkingalpha Mozzarella League

  6. Radscale Feta League

    I figured it's about time for a small update.

    Sadly I wasn't able to spend enough time to push out the most recent version of the app with more sophisticated mobile integration this year. That's the case because of not only a busy schedule, but also some of the web standards I was interested to use that were only just clarified in the recent months.

    I'm planning to get back to work starting from February 2019, though, since that's when I'll be wrapping my other projects up. And as usual, feel free to request features you'd like to see until then!

  7. Rhobro Casu Marzu League

    Just set up an account just to thank you, rad!

    Chrome is heavily going down on flash and now they officially announce to completely remove the support of it.
    Your player does not only keep the playlist alive, it also adds some very neat features to it.

    Being able to control the songs via my media keys on my keyboard is hella awesome, keep going dude!
  8. Radscale Feta League

    Thank you Rhobro! I think you should thank Cats777 for keeping this project alive though, all I did is to make a dumb front-end to allow folks to keep having access to this awesome library.

    Sorry for the lack of new features though. Things have been really busy on my side, but the least I can promise is that I keep an eye out for bugs for the time being. :)
  9. Radscale Feta League

    Hey folks, Beta 4 just hit!

    I've decided to finally awaken to commit some time to look through the code and put in a few tweaks and fixes.

    Most notably: background playback on Chrome/PWA should finally be working fine. I think I managed to get it working on most Android devices - hopefully until this spec hits next year. "Don't you guys have phooones?" some would say, but I really encourage you to give it a shot while commuting. No promises about iOS when it comes to background playback, though. The player will work fine if it's kept in the foreground at least for the track switching part. I'll be checking if anything changes with the iOS 13 release, though...

    I've also dropped unnecessary volume controls on mobile devices because that's what the physical buttons are for. There's also that part about being able to put your favourite song on repeat, but none of you would suuurely do that, right?

    As usual, do let me know if anything breaks or behaves in a weird way - either here or over on Twitter.

    Happy listening and stay rad!
  10. Radscale Feta League

    Just a small note for today - for a few hours the app had a bug that could result in an infinite reload loop. That's fixed in the most recent version, so you might have to either force-reload with Ctrl/Cmd+R or close and reopen your mobile browser to force an update.

    Today I've also added:
    • a fix for mobile devices not quite being able to switch between playlists
    • an ability to play the playlist welcome sounds by clicking/tapping the playlist name (or just surprise you by an accident)
    • a super useful update notification on the navigation bar to not rely on forum posts so much whenever something new happens:


    Make sure you're on the version 0.4.3 or later to get the aforementioned fixes and features. Otherwise, let me know if anything else pops up so I can get on it as soon as possible.

    Edit 2019-09-02:
    Sorry for the flurry of updates pushed today. I've gotten reports about Firefox playback and media buttons not working in some cases, so I doubled down on fixing those. Things should be fine from the version 0.4.5 or later. I'll definitely chill for a few days unless something else breaks in a spectacular fashion.
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  11. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    Hi, thanks for your hard work! It kinda makes me feel bad that I'm making my own HTML5 version, but it looks and feels very different from all the others and only has the VGM playlists.
  12. Radscale Feta League

    No problem, having a side project like that has been a pleasure - especially when I see how many people do use your playlists, no matter the player chosen.

    I have always felt that the more variety we get in this space, the merrier. At this point we have a variety of projects to look out for, each tackling a different approach to separate aspects, and that's really the beauty of it all. I know that some folks might not be fans of my work so far, but yet they can still choose to use the player because it lets them listen to the music with the phone in their pockets. Being able to use whichever player people like and jump between them freely can be a great thing and I hope we all can make something that's at least useful for someone.
  13. Radscale Feta League

    Surprise, Beta 5 has arrived! ...and the autumn alongside it. Grab a mug of hot tea because it's time to get comfy!

    Not only you're now able to blacklist/mute tracks you just don't like, but also you can now make your own playlists - just in case you'd like to listen to a few of your favourite Final Fantasy tracks on repeat. As a bonus, you can turn on the rain in the background, just like you used to be able to with the good ol' vip-mellow.swf.

    Notable changes in this update:
    • Added support for custom playlists
    • Added global track blacklisting
    • Added a few rainy clouds to help us get into the fall mood
    • Fixed a rare issue where a single random track would be skipped in shuffle mode

    Track blacklist and custom playlists are saved in your browser, so your data stays with you. Sadly, that means no linking your collections to other folks - at least until I add an import/export functionality in the next update.

    It's a big one, so do let me know if anything breaks here or yell at me on Twitter. Enjoy!
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  14. o100nome Feta League

    That's a great update because i really downloaded the youtube video of the musics I liked and then convert to a mp3 file to "create my own playlist" once....
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  15. Radscale Feta League

    I'm glad you like it - don't forget that you can edit the name of the playlist in the "triple dot" menu in the top bar. Sorry if those options seem quite hidden, though - I might work on making them more visible in the future.
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  16. Radscale Feta League

    A small update today! The icons went missing, but there's a fix ready to download. But, since the icons might still be missing, here's how you can update your locally stored version - on the phone or browser:


    When in doubt, follow the green :)

    All thanks to @punpouet for pinging me about it!
  17. Vaaferias Cream League

    I like the new player. thanks. Have been listening since 2009 or something.
    I hope you keep going about it.
    Today there seemed to be connection issue. It keeps loading playlist forever in both computer browser and phone.
  18. Radscale Feta League

    Apologies, I got to this suuuuper late.

    It turns out the song roster was failing to parse after the update - this should be now fixed. Give the app a hard restart (or do it a few times) to make sure you're using the latest version.
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