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Discussion in 'Video Game Discussion' started by JayJay, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. JayJay Cheddar League

    Currently, I'm in the UK for the holidays, up until Jan 5th.
    I have around $20 in my Steam Wallet, but then...
    Everything here is in pounds, and Steam just doesn't take my dollars...
    I'm gonna miss the holiday sales, oh noooo. :c
    Anyway, can anyone help with this problem? These deals finally give me the oppurtunity (and courage) to actually buy a steam game :l
  2. Streke Stilton League

  3. JayJay Cheddar League

    Here is my dilemma with that link, illustrated with the aid of screenshots.
  4. Streke Stilton League

    Alright, so now we know steam is well built to circumvent people attempting to get better deals via a currency switch. Unless you're heading to your home country again soon, It looks like you're going to be paying the UK rate.

    I understand the difficulty is paying for games in the first place - I suppose your best bet IS filing the support ticket and hopefully it gets through soon.

    In any case, Google is a great help as well...
  5. JayJay Cheddar League

    I filed a support ticket, now it's asking for an ID Card...
    Definitely not passing that, no.

  6. Streke Stilton League

    Well, if you're unable/unwilling to supply an ID card, just reply back asking for an alternative way to verify your residence or whatnot. Valve's a really nice lot, they'll try their best to cooperate. If worst comes to worst, talk to me on steam, Alright?
  7. JayJay Cheddar League

    Here is a brilliantly edited screenshot of what happens when I buy stuff with my visa card!
    I love the UK
  8. sfkingalpha Feta League

    Make a US account using a proxy [might not even need a proxy].
    Buy whatever games you want with that $.
    Add your UK self to friend list.
    Send said games as gifts to UK self.

    edit: wait... the money is on UK self. Ignore this post..
    Why do you even have dollars on there?
  9. JayJay Cheddar League

    Think I got my info mixed up a bit. My account is US by default. I attempted to add fund to my steam wallet by buying a gift card at GAME UK. When I entered in the code, it said that the funds had to be converted into dollars, since my account is US. Steam doesn't enjoy handling foreigners I guess.
  10. JayJay Cheddar League

    Problem solved
    Was just me not being a UK citizen after all

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