VIP Phoenix Update! Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

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    The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated... even more this time around! I guess I have some 'splainin' to do. First of all, a thousand apologies. My absence was due to three key factors: 1. I was in a third-world country for some months with little to no Internet; 2. I was addicted to FF14, which has died down somewhat, because; 3. It's summer. I hibernate in the summer.

    But now that I'm here, I forgot how to do the updates. So I'm just gonna wing it; let's goooo! This is gonna be a rocking update.

    Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame - Bird Goddess
    Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame - The Twins
    We're starting off with Karmaflow, a pretty obscure game/rock opera, which is strange because the music features vocalists from popular power metal bands, such as DragonForce, Sonata Arctica, Epica, and more. It's interesting how this small indie game studio managed to gather an all-star cast and even an orchestra for their game.

    Syndicate - MASTER BOOT RECORD - Syndicate
    Syndicate has always been one of my favorite games as a child, even though it controlled horribly on the 3DO. Yes, I was one of those lucky kids that had a 3DO. This remix by MASTER BOOT RECORD is a 5-minute buildup. If you like edging, you like buildups; and just like all good buildups, they lead to a very satisfying conclusion.

    Soldier Blade - Toshinori Hiramatsu - OPERATION1
    Soldier Blade - Toshinori Hiramatsu - OPERATION3
    Soldier Blade - Operation 2
    This dude, Toshinori Hiramatsu, is awesome. I completely forgot how I discovered his work and why the only remixes I have from him are Soldier Blade.

    Jets'n'Guns Gold - Koala Squadron
    Hey, did you know Jets'n'Guns has an expansion? Well, here's a track from it!

    Blaster Master: Blasting Again - Cursed Lemon - Rush Boy (Theme of Roddy)
    Metroid II: Return of Samus - Cursed Lemon - SR388
    Cursed Lemon is an awesome artist who primarily only does video game remixes. You may know him from the epic Final Fantasy Victory theme already in the VIP!

    Aero Fighters Assault - Cursed Lemon - Airdock
    Aero Fighters Assault - Pacific Ocean
    Aero Fighters Assault - Vs Mode
    Aero Fighters Assault is in a separate section, because I have fond memories of the first game, Aero Fighters. All of the previous installments are vertical-scrolling shmups. Aero Fighters Assault is what happens when you lazily turn a scrolling shmup into a 3D abomination. This is why it's the last in the series. Being developed by the same studio as Pilotwings 64 didn't help.
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