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    Hey, it's me again. Long time no see. How's the wife? The kids? Ah? Oh, that's good to hear.

    I've been pretty infatuated with Mecha, despite not being a close follower of anything of that nature. I do enjoy the heroic accompanying music that makes you feel empowered, in the cheesy, Sh┼Źnen-esque form. It's more of a guilty pleasure, at this rate. Anyways, there are a series of pretty-looking turn-based tactics games of the name "Super Robot Taisen/Wars" which has a riveting plot, awe-striking robots, an-

    Oh, you just want to hear them? Okay. (Edit: Your spoiler tags are broken, the /spoiler doesn't close them properly. Might want to fix, please.)

    oh god what a big list (open)
    A theme for one of the protagonists. One of the best solo battle songs there is in the game.

    This is a theme for when one of the protagonist teams, the SRX Team, performs a group attack.

    Excellent theme. A meme. Overrides all themes in the games due to a bug, then as a running gag. You'll probably be able to find suitable remixes for this theme in particular.

    And finally, it is only fitting to see the music in action, so here's some robot porn examples befitting each theme. In the same order.
    Steel Beowulf
    Variable Formation

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