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Discussion in 'Playlists' started by AwesomeNater, Aug 14, 2015.

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    ADHD version
    I made a desktop wrapper for the vip, wap, and cpp playlists. You can now play music from aersia.net on your desktop!!!

    Full version
    A little background
    Hi, I'm an amateur programmer who one day had the idea for a new update checker I could implement into my programs. In order to trial this update checker I needed an existing program to try and built it around, unfortunately I had none at my disposal (or rather I really didn't want to accidentally mess up my existing project)

    So I decided to embed one of the aersia.net playlists into a VS2015 project and build the update checker around that. One thing kinda lead to another and it turned out that having a desktop version of the vip playlist is the best thing ever, invigorated by this newfound awesomeness I decided to start adding extra features. I now find myself in the position where I have the full aersia.net playlist collection sitting on my desktop (with a very nice update checker might I add)

    This is a 3rd party program baring no control over aersia.net or its playlists, future updates on the part of aersia.net may break or gimp this programs functionality to the extent that it will no longer able to operate correctly

    This program requires the .NET framework in order to operate

    All versions can be downloaded here

    Bug reports / feedback
    If you find a bug with my program, have any constructive criticism, or just want to hey hi please do so by leaving a comment below (Bugs with the aersia.net player should be directed to Playlists on aersia.net as I have no jurisdiction over them)

    Known bugs
    • The "VIP Mellow Fireplace" playlist does not fit within the player confines. There is nothing I can do about that due to the nature of the erb browser object used to embed the playlists in my program
    • The player always starts with the same songs. You're not paranoid, this actually is a thing, and its not a conspiracy (or is it?). I believe the cause of this is due to the fact that VS2015 and the .NET framework use IE7, an old and decrepit browser that has no place on the modern web and most likely has horrible randomization code

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