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  1. Streke Stilton League

    Alright, lets go. Answer or post riddles at your leisure. Hopefully they're good ones.

    Here's a couple easy ones to bowl with.

    What's normally black, then red when you use it, then white when you're through with it?

    Which word in the English language becomes shorter when it is lengthened?

    aliight, gogogogo
  2. Banditachu Cheddar League

    I know the first one is Coal the second i have no idea.
  3. Streke Stilton League

  4. bandwevil Cheddar League

    Second one's gotta be 'short'.
  5. Streke Stilton League

    Cheers! You're a winner!

    Quick, someone else post something! A riiiiddle!
  6. Banditachu Cheddar League

    I am the beginning of the end, time ends with me and I am in everything. What am I?

    Forward I am heavy, backwards I am not. What am I?

    Alive without breathing, never thirsty, ever drinking, all in mail never clinking. What am I?
  7. Streke Stilton League

    The second one is
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    , because I've seen most of these riddles before :p
  8. Ol Jim Grizzigsby Limburger League

    from beneath the earth i live, where one is found so are many, i have many eyes, but do not see, what am i?

    a hill full, a hole full, you cant catch a bowl full!
  9. Streke Stilton League

    First Riddle (open)
    That's totally a potato.

    No idea on the second one.
  10. Ol Jim Grizzigsby Limburger League

    huzzah you guessed correctly!!!1!1!!

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