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    Here's an update! Catch it if you can! Oh wait, it's actually a grenade, and now you're dead. Not to worry, I will erect this actual update in your memory with music that barely has anything to do with the American holiday tomorrow.

    EDIT: OK, maybe just one.

    Child of Light - Aurora's Theme
    Child of Light - Dark Creatures
    Child of Light - Jupiter's Lightning
    Child of Light - A Serpent of the Twilight for Chorus
    Castlevania - Random Encounter - Heart of Fire
    Cave Story - Random Encounter - Cave Story (feat. Joseph Sanzo)
    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Random Encounter - Tal Tal Mountain Range
    Luftrausers - Luftrauser
    • Child of Light just came out last month and caught my attention not because it's a western JRPG or because all the dialogue's in poetry, but because the devs consulted with Cirque du Soleil, who I admire a lot. Cirque du Soleil turned circus into artwork. The first show I saw was during the 90s in Las Vegas called Mystere. As a kid, I was awestruck. The giant human-faced snail at the end did scare me a bit though, but I digress. The music of Child of Light was created by someone whose previous works were all French-Canadian pop songs, and she's quite popular. This is her first time doing VGM. I hope she does more, but I doubt it, since VGM doesn't bring as much dollarydoos as pop music.
    • It makes me feel weird knowing that video game musicians are listening to my playlist(s), especially when their songs are in it. That's how I discovered this random indie band. Random Encounter's gimmick is that they have an accordionist. I wonder how it feels listening to a random Internet playlist and suddenly hearing your own music on it.
    • Luftrausers is a game that caused some controversy simply because you play as a proud Nazi master race fighter pilot completely obliterating puny little American pew-pew planes and trash-throwing tug boats. I see no harm in that. At least they get their own national holiday. What does the Nazi pilot get? :(

    In other news, has anyone noticed that the site's faster now? Thanks to my glorious webhost, my allotted RAM on the server has doubled at no extra cost to me! Actually, they just upgraded their servers, so I took it upon myself to double the PHP memory limit. I could probably crank it up some more, but I don't want to get too greedy.

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