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Discussion in 'Musical Medium' started by Kimba, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Kimba Limburger League

    BEMANI, NekomataMaster, xi, PLAMATO, basically a VGM Doujin lover and desperate

    Hello guys, I'm new here and I want to discuss and meet new artists simillar to the above mentioned, I'm running out of new musics and I want to share my tastes and meet new artists.
    First of all, I'm a melody lover, I like musics with tons of melodies and diversified timbres, but shamefully I'm not fan of erudite/classic musics...
    Some of my favourite artists are:

    Nekomata Master (open)

    xi (open)

    PLAMATO (open)

    ETC (open)

    Also, if you liked these musics, do check my YT Playlist to see my favourite musics:

    So, can someone suggest new artists that are not listed on my playlist?

    btw, is this posted on the right area?
  2. Bakaneko Casu Marzu League

    I really like Nekomata Master and Xi. I've heard the genre around the net, but never knew what it was about until recently. Thanks. Do you know where I can find the first Mozegaku song from the ETC video? I feel like if I could hear the full thing I would love it.

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