WTF is this site?

Welcome to Aersia!
Here at Aersia, we host a moderately popular and relatively unique video game music playlist, the Vidya Intarweb Playlist(VIP). Stay a while and listen. We have other playlists, but they're not important enough to mention right now.

Oh, and we have some forums, too. There's not much activity now, but just hang for a bit, keep posting, and we'll see what happens. People will come eventually. If you're here simply because of the VIP, post here! But not before you read the rules first! Once you're done posting there, post everywhere else!
Where did the name "Aersia" come from?
Aersia is the name of the site, but WTF is "Aersia"? (not to be confused with Aeria, an MMO publisher) Aersia is an Earth-like world from an alternate universe and timeline created by Cats777. He came up with the name by trying to combine "air" with "Earth", even though it sounds more like he combined "air" with "Asia". He also wanted a relatively short name for the fictional world and the Internet domain name. Thus, "Aersia" was born.

The Aersia mega-project is divided into 5 primary sub-projects set at a specific era, which themselves are divided into many projects. For now, this is really just a story and concept development project. It's the source of many a vaporware.
Paradise Destiny
- Covers the time between the proto-Aersians and the fall of the Tower. (ancient/antiquity)
Divine Destiny
- Covers the time between the fall of the Tower and the discovery of adamorium. (medieval/renaissance/age of discovery)
Skyward Destiny
- Covers the time between the discovery of adamorium and the Curtain expeditions. (industrial/steampunk)
Forsaken Destiny
- Covers the time between the Curtain expeditions and the founding of the first space colony. (modern/contemporary)
Celestial Destiny
- Covers the time between the founding of the first space colony and [DATA EXPUNGED]. (space opera/cyberpunk)

None of these are really important right now.
I don't want my music involved in any of your playlists! Please stop using my music!
If you wish to exlude your music from the playlists , please contact us. We respect your decision to refrain from using this free promotion service and to sadden some of our listeners (your potential listeners).
Don't forget to say hello to the Aersia team:
Cats777 - founder, producer, and maintainer of Aersia; creator and updater of every playlist hosted on Aersia; and lead vaporware designer.

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