General Rules & Guidelines

Last Update: 11/20/12
1. Follow the general terms of service. Basically, don't do anything illegal, post any adult material, or spread negative mojo. This includes, but is not limited to:
- Posting links to or images of torrent sites, pornography, or gore.
- Posting instructions on how to engage in illegal activities.
- Fomenting dissent.
- Inciting global distaste.

2. Post in the proper forums or threads. Do not derail threads. If you feel like spamming, walk to the Wayward Way.

3. Use the appropriate thread prefixes as much as possible. They're used to categorize thread posts and make similar threads easier to find.

Breaking the rules will earn you warnings. An undetermined amount of warnings will result in a ban for an indefinite number of days.

The Vidya Intarweb Playlist is constantly being shared in a wide variety of communities, including 4chan, Gaia, Reddit, and Tumblr.
And is being listened to by a very diverse group of people that you may or may not hate, including bronies, furries, girls, and pro-gamers.
Let's all put aside our differences and partake in civil discussions. For the sake of peace.


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