Discussion in 'Video Game Discussion' started by JayJay, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. JayJay American Swiss League

    My favorites were:
    Kid Icarus: Uprising
    FF Theatrhythm
    Pokemon Rumble Blast
    Resident Evil: Revelations
    Tekken Prime
    Tales of the Abyss
    Adventure Time! (Love the cartoon lol)
    Epic Mickey
    I have a bad taste in games...
  2. ZippyDoo Monterey Jack League

    If you enjoyed Theatrhythm, you should look into Rhythm Thief. It's a music game that has a pretty interesting story and loads of fun. The tilt games are infuriatingly bad though.
  3. JayJay American Swiss League

    Not exactly "enjoyed it", rather it gave me lots of nostalgia (Event music)
  4. aturtledoesbite Epoisses de Bourgogne League

    I've only played two games on the 3DS so far: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, which I did enjoy (and I downloaded the demo to Rhythm Thief too), and Professor Layton: The Miracle Mask, which as with the other entries in the series, was quite challenging (though, I absolutely hate those sliding puzzles where you need to get one thing to the other side around all those blocks).
  5. God American Swiss League

    I probably should have waited to buy mine. I only wanted it for the new smash, the new pokemon, MML3, Monster Hunter 4, and Project X Zone.
  6. Black Gorgonzola League

    Yeah nah, since I got my 3DS I've only played two physical 3ds games.

    Resident Evil: Revelations and OoT: 3D
    Both are excellent. :D
    Otherwise I have all the ambassador games to keep me occupied along with Pokemon Black.

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