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    Yesterday was the VIP's 6th birthday! :D (Or today if you're on the west coast of America) That's right, 6 years ago yesterday(or today), I posted a very humble playlist on 4chan's /f/. In fact, you can still view the /f/ thread in the archives. What's changed in these past few years? Nothing much. What'll be in this update? Nothing special, just some more kickass VGM.
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    I'm still working on an official HTML5 version, I swear.

    Super Mario 64 - The Big Band of Rogues - Super Mario 64 Opening Theme ~ Overworld Theme
    Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - Yoshihiro Arita with his band - Yoshi's Island Athletic
    Super Smash Brothers Brawl - Obstacle Course Ver. 2
     exiled from VIP
    Ace Combat 2 - Riding on Hope
    Final Fantasy - Cursed Lemon - Final Fantasy Victory
    Secret of Mana - Ailsean - Give Time its Proper Love
    Secret of Mana - Alexander Brandon ft. Lauren Liebowitz - A Storm is Coming
    Secret of Mana - Dr. Manhattan - The Rabbit Hole
    Secret of Mana - Helen Trevillion - Where Angels Fear To Tread (Destiny Remix)
     exiled from VIP
    • So I was watching this totally awesome video of a dude playing the Athletic Theme in ragtime. I felt that the song blended perfectly with the style and decided to look for a song of the same style to put on the VIP. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite find that perfect song, until I searched for similar styles, like big band and swing(which is a later form of ragtime). That's how I discovered the Mario & Luigi Big Band Live album. It's got some great tracks.
    • This Ace Combat 2 track has been sitting on top of my backlog forever. I think it's time to finally give it a chance.
    • This has to be one of the most epic Victory themes ever made.
    • Secret of Mana was a very influential game in my life. Somehow, it's the only game from my childhood that I can remember beating. I've beaten other great games, from Chrono Trigger to Earthbound(I got the big box with the scratch-and-sniff stickers), but SoM was the only one I can remember clear as day. It was full of bugs, and I admit to exploiting the hell out of them, but something about the game seemed magical. Perhaps it was the lush and seemingly endless forests and shrubbery. Whatever the case, the music definitely helped. It's so good, there's a 3-disc remix album dedicated to it; and the composer's name(Hiroki Kikuta) came up first in the game's opening credits. SoM deserves to have just as many tracks in the VIP as Chrono Trigger.
    • Alexander Brandon, composer for Deus Ex, did a genius job on this remix.
    • I finally found the cause of the discrepancy of the track numbers between the VIP and the Mellow Edition. It just turns out that the VIP had a remix by Helen Trevillion and its original track. Now, the playlists are finally equal in track numbers! :D The remix was a MIDI, BTW, the only MIDI in the playlist. :(

    The Steam holiday sale also started today. Great timing, Gaben.

    Happy festivus, everyone! :D
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  2. Streke Edam League

    OH, YES, the Yoshi's Island ragtime. YES.

    Happy Belated Birthday, Son and King of the VGM.

    I'll pray for your wallets.

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