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Discussion in 'Playlists' started by skyhawk, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. skyhawk Cheddar League

    I'm just going to throw this at the wall and hope at least a little of it sticks....

    Ys Origin
    The Flooded Prison

    Warcraft 2 Redbook Audio
    So much good music. I'd be happy to hear any of it in VIP, but I'll float these two specifically
    Human 1 (Note this is the second half of the first track of the expansion soundtrack!)

    Orc 2

    Odin Sphere
    Again a ton of memorable tunes. I specifically recommend the end credit music. It's a pity I can't recommend _half_ the song, because the first half is good, but it becomes something much more awesome after 2:21!)

    System Shock 2

    Vagrant Story
    Bunch of cool music here, first two are probably too mellow for VIP....


    Abandoned Mines 1

    Abandoned Mines 2

    Star Control 2
    This is insane. There's the PC music, the 3DO music, and the remixed music with the modern open-source remake of the game. I'm suggesting a mix of the PC and Remix.

    Battle music remix

    Starbase menu remix (Totally different from original, very awesome)

    Hyperspace - I'm going to go with the original, though arguments can be made both for the remix and 3do versions

    Ur-Quan theme - original - This probably wouldn't make sense for the list, but I'm going to suggest it because for some reason I've always found it captivating
  2. ZippyDoo Monterey Jack League

    Ys Origin had such a solid soundtrack. Also those Vagrant Story songs could probably fall into VIP Mellow.

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