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Discussion in 'Playlists' started by MegaNuggit, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. MegaNuggit Limburger League

    First off, I fell backward-sideways off of my chair upon discovery of this. I was looking through to see what they had to offer for music and lo-and-behold what do I find? This MASTERPIECE!!! I signed up right away, just so I could stay updated on new music. If this is still a work in progress, might I suggest a few more music titles?

    Animal Crossing- Title Theme
    Animal Crossing- K.K.Bossa
    Kid Icarus- Title Theme
    Luigi's Mansion- Main Theme
    Pikmin- Ai no Uta
    Pikmin- Crash Site
    Pikmin- Forest of Hope
    Pikmin 2- The Perplexing Pool
    Pokemon Colosseum- Miror B. Theme
    Pokemon Colosseum- Phenac City
    Pokemon Colosseum- Relic Forest
    Pokemon Firered/leafgreen- End Credits
    Sonic adventure 2 battle- Believe in Myself
    Sonic adventure 2 battle- Chao garden theme
    Super Mario Sunshine- Delphino Plaza
    Super Mario Sunshine- Ricco Harbor
    Super Mario Sunshine- Pinta Park
    Super Mario 64- Castle Theme

    Forgive me if this is not the format with which I should make suggestions with, for I don't fully understand how suggestions for songs should be made, and I'm still incredibly new to this whole "Forum" thing (No prior experience with Tumblr and such), but this is my first attempt and I don't wish to upset anyone.

    Thank you for reading!

  2. XzX_0V3R_$W4GUL4TE_XzX Epoisses de Bourgogne League

    Im not sure about the regular VIP but VIP Mellow already has a version off K.K Bossa ^^
    Apart from that these suggestions are pretty solid

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