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    Aside from the smoothest of jazz, the most powerful of metal, and the most epic of orchestrals, I've always loved the most melodic of Celtic music. I was going to do an update on games with monsters and stuff, seeing as it's Halloween and all, but I decided to forego that notion and do a Celtic update instead("Celtober" sounds pretty catchy). Besides, Halloween has Celtic roots, so it makes a great deal of sense.

    Cladun: This is an RPG - Slicing the Wind
    Cladun: This is an RPG - Water that Connects Life
    Cladun: This is an RPG - Battlefield
    Suikoden - dif-ref - Touching Theme
    Suikoden III - Shigeyoshi Kawagoe - Green Tombstone
    Suikoden III - Yuko Asai - Little Ducks
    Suikoden III - Yoko Ueno - To the Sealed Land
    Final Fantasy IV - Maire Bhreatnach - Troian Beauty
    • Let's start off with a semi-obscure game called Cladun, a dungeon crawler for the PSP with a sequel on Steam. Much of this game was composed by Yoh Ohyama. He may be pretty unknown, but he's the leader of a group called Acoustic Asturias, of which I am a huge fan.
    • The Suikoden Celtic Collection albums have been some of the greatest arrangement albums I've ever had the orgasm to listen.
    • You can't get any more Celtic with a name like "Maire Bhreatnach"! Squeenix got an authentic Celtic person to do a whole FF4 arrangement album!

    I wish every October could be Celtober.

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