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Discussion in 'Playlists' started by y0mir, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. y0mir Casu Marzu League

    Hello, just made an account for this question, I've listened to the playlist for literally years, I love it - about a week ago when i tried clicking on the usual link which would take me to a website it is now telling me that it is downloading something?

    Link in question:

    What it is telling me:This type of file can harm my computer. Download anyways?

    What's going on, is there a way to listen through browser? I don't understand! Any assistance would be appreciated greatly!
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  3. Peutros American Parmesan League

    Since the OP didnt reply back i have to say that i was having the same problem, the link you gave works fine, but thats just the VIP, what about the other playlists? I think it stopped working because chrome stopped supporting flash or something like that.
  4. sfkingalpha Mozzarella League

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  5. Tophatz Casu Marzu League

    Thanks fam.

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