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    a.k.a. "Obligatory Halloween Update"! Ah, Halloween. The time when nerds can be allowed to cosplay in public. I initially didn't plan on making a Halloween update, because I never thought I had any Halloween-related tracks in the backlog. Turns out I did, and now I'm updating on Halloween Day. >_>

    Corpse Party BloodCovered - DigiE - Heavenly Horrors
    Corpse Party BloodCovered - Ending Chapter3Ver
    Corpse Party BloodCovered - Soul of Steel
    Corpse Party BloodCovered ...Repeated Fear - Chapter1 MainBGM PSPver
    Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse - Joshua Morse - Necrosis
    Castlevania Pachislot III - Aquarius Ver.972 ~Dracula Battle 2~
    Castlevania Pachislot III - De-a lungul vietii ~BIG Bonus~
    Shadowrun - Morgue
    • Corpse Party! A perfect game to start the update. It's a game series, whose music I screened on the last minute. And boy, was it a hodgepodge of games. Much of the music in these games remix tracks from each other, since they are remakes of each other, making everything confusing. It doesn't help that the JP and US releases have different titles. I ended up only completely screening BloodCovered, which itself was released on multiple platforms with varying degrees of features.
      But enough about my confusion. The music in this game surprised me. It sounds like something from a cyberpunk Castlevania game. It's not something I'd expect to hear from a game like this. Whatever the case, it's pretty good.
      There's a remix by a group called DigiE. One of the members of this group is NemesisTheory. He's got some tracks already in the playlist, including a couple from a game called Lethal: Armed with Courage. He posted that game project on a small and long-dead RPG Maker community over 10 years ago. I was literally the only person who had these particular tracks, but then I made the playlist. That's a bit of a tangent, so I'm moving on.
    • And now on to Castlevania! Pachislot is serious business. Japan has such epic slot machines.
    • Finally, here's a small bonus! That one good track in Shadowrun that only plays in the first couple of rooms.

    Happy Halloween, everyone! :D

    In other news, the playlist is now on the front page when Googling video game music! :D
  2. Streke Edam League

    Cats, I think that's just Google reading your personal search patterns.

    I can vouch for Shadowrun's track, very excited. But can you explain why our lord and savior is in the background? Oh no I forgot to celebrate gabeday nooo
  3. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    It alternates between the bottom of the first page and the top of the second page. Just keep on clicking on it.

    Yes, it's the 52nd Gabemas.

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