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    a.k.a Cinco de Mayo Eve or Star Wars Day. I don't have a lot of Spanish or space-themed tracks at the moment, but there's still some in there! So let's get to it!

    Implosion-Never Lose Hope - Way in the Dark
    Terra Battle - In the Heat of Battle
    Terra Battle - The Eidolons' Awakening
    Terra Battle - Day of Reckoning
    Terra Battle - Earthbound Papas - Main Theme ~TERRA BATTLE~ (Live)
    Dark Souls - Alex Roe - I Had A Name
    Dark Souls - Alex Roe - E.S. Gwyn
    Dark Souls II - Alex Roe - Like A Dream
    Demon's Souls - Alex Roe - Epitaph for Boletaria
    Dark Souls - SongeLeReveur - Ornstein & Smough
    Europa Universalis IV - Tobias Gustafsson - The Voyage-Maintheme (Guns, Drums and Steel remix)
    Europa Universalis IV - Tobias Gustafsson - My Kingdom (Guns, Drums and Steel remix)
    Europa Universalis IV - Tobias Gustafsson - Commerce in the Peninsula (Guns, Drums and Steel remix)
    Lovely Planet - Lovely City
    Lovely Planet - Lovely Forest
    Lovely Planet - Lovely Mountains
    • Let's start off with something non-themed from a game called Implosion. This track was sung by Donna Burke. Yes, Donna Burke of various video games(most recently, MGSV). I was incredibly surprised to see her sing something for some mobile game, which is soon getting its own anime!
    • Terra Battle! See? There's some Spanish in there. But seriously, this is one mobile game that I kept hearing about. For one, it's a surprisingly deep FB-style strategy game with PTW mechanics and an unusually high-quality art style. For two, the music is composed by Nobuo Uematsu(and others). For three, it's developed by Mistwalker(Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey).
    • In light of DS3 coming out, I thought I'd put in some more Souls games. Alex Roe(not the British actor) offers his brilliant arrangement skills, and the album is free!
    • Here's SongeLeReveur again. He pretty wicked with the guitar.
    • And now back to the Spanish theme, sort of. Well, Mexico was a Spanish colony and EU4 is all about blobbing the Americas. These epic remixes were done by the amazing Tobias Gustafsson. Slaughtering native Americans has never been this metal.
    • Okay, technically Lovely Planet isn't a space game, but it takes place on another planet, so uhhh... Just shut up and listen to the music.


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