Sci-Fi Daicon III and IV

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    So these are two 5 minute clips made in the early 80's. They where made by the creators of shit like Macross, Evangelion, FLCL, and Gurren Laggan (The studio is now Gainax). These guys where only in their late teens when they made these.



    In IV, you'll see swords flying around as if they where missiles. This same look would then be used for missiles in macross, gundam, and a ton of other mech anime/games. It's called an "Itano Circus" (Itano was the first to animate something in this way.)

    This cool story has been brought you by one of Cats777's sigs. I saw it and was like what the fuck was that shit. More info here:
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    I really like the AWAKE version, sums up the 80's quite well

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    What the hell was that? I enjoyed it. Some info? Is there moar?

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