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Discussion in 'Playlists' started by Shudrum, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Shudrum Limburger League

    Hello there!

    I'm Shudrum, also known as Julien Martin on Github & Twitter. French professional game developer a long time ago for three years, then for the web since more than 10 years.

    First of all: Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, I love this playlist, I use it for many years, and still loving it!

    Then: I think you know that flash will be blocked in more than a year, but that the ecosystem will before and slowly make it harder and harder to use it?

    I want to help

    I started this weekend a project, for fun, I was thinking of it from months…

    What I want to do:
    - done: Be able to display the shuffle order,
    - done: The "next" and "previous" buttons follow the play order,
    - done: Be able to disable the shuffle option,
    - Add a "Mute" button on each track, to avoid some tracks (I hate Tropico's tracks :D)
    - Add a "Old school" option, for people who prefer flash and live in the past :p
    - Obviously, every setting and muted track will be recorded on the browser,
    - Add a … "Blind test" mode, yep ^^
    - Add a "news" zone instead of the tracks at the beginning,
    - Add a fuzzy search system.

    There is also some technical advantages :
    - No flash
    - Better buffering (fully managed by the browser, not flash)
    - HTML5 so … lighter, and the scroll will work with touchpads
    - Works on all devices
    - Will be PWA compliant, so it will possible to "install" the player on the home screen of the users,
    - Will manage a little bit of cache for the playlist, to avoid useless data / server processing for nothing.

    But one disavantage:
    - It is now impossible to autostart a player without any user interaction on the page, so there will be a big owl' button : "PLAY" on the center of the screen at the beginning.

    If you are intereted, do not hesitate !
    I do not require any $, only to be able to add a twitter link on the option tab.

    Tell me what you think!

    Bye !


    Here is some screenshots

    Simply the player

    There is some options

    The shuffle 'order' can be visible

    Smaller tracks

    The render is not so bad on a mobile device without any work on it
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  2. Rode Guest

    Just read the news about flash support in Chrome disappearing so you are doing Gods work. I Hope we can get a link soon !

    I also want to thank everybody that made the flash player possible.
  3. o100nome Feta League

    Thanks for caring about the playlist! I used it for a long time too, and want to continue listening even when flash player stops.

    Your project is looking pretty good! The options menu isn't extremely necessary in my opinion, but certainly add a nice touch!
  4. Vaaferias Cream League

    Thanks for caring mate! I wanna see this playlist continue also.
  5. Van Guest

    A new player would be super keen! I do like the simplistic style of the current one, but with flash going by the wayside, having a back-up ready and waiting to go would be perfect!
  6. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    You did a lot in one weekend, nice work! It took me months just to add half as many features to an already existing barebones version. I'm also planning on putting a "mute" feature on mine. I'm thinking it will skip the track unless it's directly clicked on.

    I don't think an "old school" button will be necessary. People can just visit the swf directly for nostalgia purposes.
  7. Shudrum Limburger League


    I didn't get the time to work on it since, but I will soon.

    Can we work together? I can invite you to my GitHub project, and we can share about what you want and what we can do?
  8. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    Thanks for the offer, but I'm actually almost done with it! Public beta will be soon, maybe.
  9. sfkingalpha Mozzarella League

    Yeah Cats is too busy playing FFXIV, Love the playlist though. I think it was under construction at one point, with some taokaka hentai? Almost hentai.
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