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    I don't know anything about forum games, so I stole this from Kongregate.

    Continuous: In a continuous game, the game will most likely never end (unless ended by the owner). They can vary from a multitude of things such as King of the Hill or Picture Wars.

    Competition: In a competitive game, there are either teams or everyone stands for themselves. You compete to have the highest score either by playing games or answering trivia.

    Role-Playing: In a RP game, you act as a character in the game and follow the storyline provided by the owner.

    Mafia: In a mafia game, there are two teams. The first group is usually the “mafia”, while the other group is often called the “townspeople.” The Mafia is usually smaller and knows who everyone is. The townspeople don’t know who anyone is, and must kill who they think is in the mafia is by night.

    Werewolf: “Werewolf” forum games are a variant of Mafia games. Instead of their being a team of mafia, there is one werewolf. Like in other mafia games, the “townspeople” try to figure out who the werewolf is, while the werewolf kills off townspeople one by one.

    Vote: In a voting game, the storyline progresses as you vote for what the main character/characters should do next. Also known as a CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure, generally option based) or CYOP (Choose Your Own Path, generally keyword/action based).

    Miscellaneous: In a miscellaneous game, the game is either unclassified by me yet, or has no certain agenda that matches with the above game types.
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