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  1. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    It's Thanksgiving! A holiday that was originally about giving thanks for a bountiful harvest season. Don't let those Debbie Downers on social media fool you into thinking it relates to the genocide of Native Americans. Nope, SNL already did that sketch.

    This update contains tracks with singing voices! If you don't like those things in video game music, tough luck. I'm gonna add more vocals to the playlist until you're thankful for it!

    Kishi Bashi - Carry on Phenomenon
    Kishi Bashi - The Ballad of Mr. Steak
    Endless Ocean: Blue World - One World (Opening Mission)
    Endless Ocean: Blue World - The Soft Goodbye (Ending)
    Final Fantasy XIII - Falk - Sunleth Soundscape 2011
     replacing Final Fantasy XIII - The Sunleth Waterscape
    Katamari Damacy - Cherry Blossom Color Season
    Katamari Damacy - Katamaritaino
    Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner - Eshericks - Beyond the Bounds feat. K A R Y Y N -Eshericks Remix-
    • Kishi Bashi is a simple phone game made by a simple musician. The game is pretty shit, but the music is godlike. Ah, what am I saying? This is just an excuse to get Kishi Bashi on the playlist. Many consider his music to be of the hipster kind, but he's Japanese, so calling him a hipster would be redundant. His live performances consist of nothing but him, his violin, and some looping pedals. He is by no means the first one to do this, but I believe he's the first one who changes the octaves and speeds of his loops, creating a whole new sound. He even spoke on TED once. "Carry on Phenomenon" is in 6/4 time, one of my favorite time signatures.
    • Endless Ocean is a series of games about scuba diving. It's great for comfy feels. One World sends a powerful message of peace and unity, to the point where it sounds incredibly naive.
    • I've always been meaning to add this FF13 remix.
    • There are only 3 video game tracks have have ever made me cry manly tears: "Wind Garden" from Super Mario Galaxy, "Everything's Alright" from To the Moon, and "Cherry Blossom Color Season" from Katamari Damacy. It's the theme song of childhood and nostalgia. I urge everyone to read the translated lyrics and let the rain down.
    • Let's end this with an uplifting track, a song about breaking borders(or something like that). "Beyond the Bounds", a track that I've always wanted on the VIP but never added because of one small peeve. Here's what it is.

    I'm thankful for life. That's about it. So Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll, and Black Friday. I heard everything's 100% off in Ferguson. Someone else probably already did that joke.
  2. Kenobi56 Cream League

    I don't like vocals and that is why I listen to vip.aersia.

    You want to insert vocals, okay, but, all musics in vip are from popular and/or good videogames.

    I juste want you to know that Kishi Bashi is like an intruder. I understand that you like his songs and I agree with all your songs even if it's vocal but not the Kishi Bashi ones. So if some people have the same opinion than me, I hope you will understand us and delete it from vip.

    I hope my message isn't aggressiv, i'm not familiar with english writing expression.

    Best regards,


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