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    After 5 years of being forum-less, Aersia is now finally open to the public! Yes, it's been 5 years since I ran a forum. The previous one (Cosmic Collapse) had some irreversible problem with it overloading the server. I was forced to take it down after a request from my host (but not before I made a backup), and thus began a 5-year dark age. This is a new host with new forum software!

    Why did it take so long?

    I was never too sure why I had to have my own forums. (Yes, even though I bought forum software, I still wasn't sure.) I was constantly weighing out the positives and negatives, and was sure, for a time, that having a forum wasn't worth the cost of bandwidth and burden, especially since it would have nothing special to offer. At least the old forum had an arcade and an auto-posting and auto-learning bot, which made things entertaining. I was also actually pretty scared that, because the VIP is so popular, the forums would explode and cause my host to heckle me into shutting it down.

    But then, I said "Fuck it, I'm doing this shit!" And here we are today, celebrating the grand opening of a site and forum that has virtually no discernible purpose (aside from playlist support). So take a look around and post. If enough people join and post regularly, we might even get to call ourselves a community.

    If you're wondering about the raffle, I'm sending out the Emails now. See this page to check the status on the prizes. If you won something, post here! Also, special thanks to the 13 who donated a total of $166.64 since the beginning of time. You know who you are.
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    I decided to increase the reply time for the prizes from 5 days to 7, because I forgot why I put 5 in the first place. This, after I sent about a third of the Emails stating 5 days.
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    A lot of my Emails aren't getting through because Google thinks they're spam. I guess I'm gonna have to get even more personal.
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    Sorry, guys, the account that I use to Email people just got banned for a day from too many failed Email attempts, and I don't want to use any other account. I will continue the run tomorrow.
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    hmmmmm. its almost been a decade since i joined Cosmic-collapse.COM.... how the time flies.
  6. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    Yeah, some Japanese dude has that domain now... for some kind of makeup. At least I still own
  7. chaioaa Limburger League

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  8. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    All the Emails have been finally sent. :)
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  9. Salepate Cream League

    you did a good job doing all this. Respect
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    Glad the fourms are up also joined the steam group great job doing all this. what is that gif from? looks like some Hayao Miyazaki film
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    Is there a way to browse the backup of cosmic collapse? I had no idea the previous incarnation of aersia was so popular!
  12. sfkingalpha Mozzarella League

    edit: just made a new topic elsewhere

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