VIP-Mellow Request Heroes of Might and Magic III

Discussion in 'Playlists' started by Ran Zhao, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. Ran Zhao Limburger League

    I'm a huge fan of this game. It was basically my childhood. No, I am not slavic.

    But here's a G-drive folder with all the songs. I bought the game on GOG so I am able to download the OSTs.

    The OST are gorgeous orchestras, and I think some of the themes are fitting for VIP mellow.

    1. Town - Rampart
    2. Terrain - Water
    2. Terrain - Grass

    Some of the other town themes are amazing but they probably don't fit mellow, but I do ask you to check them out. If you'd like to find remixes, There's this team on youtube named Heroes Orchestra who gathered a bunch of amazing talents to re-create the music in an actual orchestra and choir. Example here.


    Thank you for everything you've done, I love the game music you are sharing, and I hope you would come to love these too.

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