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Discussion in 'Playlists' started by fpgaminer, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. fpgaminer Limburger League


    First, my thanks to Cats777 for all the effort put into maintaining the VIP. It has been my primary source of background for ... I don't even know how long now. It's a wonderful collection of music! Thank you.

    I created an alternative player for the VIP, based on HTML5. So it works on all my mobile devices, as well as all my PCs which don't have Flash. Before anyone elses dives into it, know that I just created this. Let me know if you run into problems.

    Listen Here

    What's Different

    I cloned the aesthetics of the original player, and most of the features. I haven't implemented a scrubber or volume bar yet. But I have added a few features I've always wanted. You can switch playlists with a simple drop-down in the upper corner (VIP, Mellow, Source, Exiled). The next track control shuffles, instead of just going to the very next track in the list. The previous track control has proper track history. And there's a looping button.

    Cats777: I hope this is all okay. Let me know if you would like anything changed!

    Github Repo Feel free to post issues, pull requests, fork, etc.!
  2. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    That's pretty damn cool, it looks just like the Flash version. Thanks for making this. Though, I gotta warn you, [email protected] isn't my usual E-mail!

    It's interesting how people keep making their own HTML5 versions. I should really put one here. Is it alright if I use yours as a base? I'm planning on adding more features!
  3. Guilt Cream League

    ....is the mellow one gonna get the same love? I really like mellow songs....
  4. Streke Edam League

    On OP's post, the link they provide there has a dropdown in the top right corner. You can switch between the playlists there.
  5. Loc Casu Marzu League

    Hey would it be difficult to add the WAP playlist to the HTML5 player?
  6. fpgaminer Limburger League

    Oops, I didn't even intend for that to be an email address. Wasn't thinking when I wrote that out, I guess. Fixed! Also added a page title so it doesn't look goofy in the browser tab bar, and spacebar is now a shortcut for pause/play.

    Of course! If there are any particular features you'd like added, just let me know. I can't make any promises on when/if I can get them in, but will do my best.
    I still need to add the scrubbing bar, volume control, and fix issues on mobile browsers.

    Well, I just added WAP to the drop-down. However, it seems the aersia.net server has a bug on all the music in that playlist. It reports all the music files as "text/plain", so (at least in my browser) none of the audio will play in the HTML5 player. :/ This is probably something Cats777 would have to fix on the server itself, since I have no way of overriding that in my player.
  7. erdrick016 Casu Marzu League

    Just wanted to say that I REALLY like this HTML5 player. Being able to search the playlist alone is worth losing the ability to scrub. Thank you!

    Also, the WAP playlist entries appear to be working for me so maybe Cats777 fixed it? This is on Chrome v38.0.2125.111 (Official Build 290379) running on both Linux and Windows.
  8. fpgaminer Limburger League

    Thanks to theguy159 on github, there's now a scrubber on this player!

    I just checked again today, and it looks like Cats777 fixed the server, so it reports the type correctly now and WAP is working in both Chrome and Firefox now. Yay!
  9. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    I don't actually own the server. I'm merely a shared hosting peasant with "unlimited" bandwidth. I assure you, I dindu nuffin.
  10. fpgaminer Limburger League

    Thanks to the contributions of various awesome people on github, several features have been added over the past few months. So here's a quick update:

    • Looping button
    • Improved mobile interface (only tested on iPhone 5)
    • Volume control
    • Track scrubber
    • Better loading error handling

    Many thanks to felberj, Xuerian, and theguy159 on github for contributing most of those updates :)
  11. nihey Casu Marzu League

    Quite interesting, I just made my own here.

    It just happened that I discovered fpgaminer's version when I was almost finishing my own - and looking forward to tell you in these forums.

    What my version has as a plus is:

    - back button will take you back on the history of listened songs (fpgaminers also has)
    - forward button will take you forward on the history of listened songs
    - randomize button (next to the forward button)
    - download option for any song (on the right side)
    - anchor-linked songs (http://nihey.github.io/aersia#!/Shatter - Argon Refinery
    will send you directly to `shatter`'s `argon refinery`)

    source code: https://github.com/nihey/aersia

    Maybe one day we should merge these projects' functionalities.

    @Cats777 About replacing that old flash player, what additional features you had in mind? I'd be happy to help doing it (if you don't mind).

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