3DS I Finally Played Chrono Trigger

Discussion in 'Video Game Discussion' started by Bakaneko, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. Bakaneko Casu Marzu League

    Hi I'm new and I can not get on this wed-site alot only when I'm at school, so any responses will be super-slow. Also, before I go fan-boying, no spoilers please.

    This game embodies the genre.

    I literally have no clue as to where this game has been all my life. As I played through the first chapter and ended up in the court room; my eyes exploded! My actions at the millennial festival just may have changed the course of the entire game. So with no real knowledge of the game's course, I must admit, I can truly feel the wonder and excitement and weight of the simple characters and their goals through time. I mean, I had heard of the greatness of the game and made it a point to not look into the story because I might play it one day. Now that I am, I can feel the hype.

    It's not like the other games that got hyped up for me, it is truly genuine and literally has me wondering how the hell the studio that made the game so long ago was capable of pulling it off

    It is almost as if they came from the future with their game-making creativity. It is not often that I say a game can literally reach me through time. Especially with how picky I am about my rpgs. I recommend this game to anyone who has yet to try it.

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