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    This August has been a pretty eventful month. The death of comedy, the Russian invasion of Europe, the rise of the Islamic Empire, the black rebellion, my birthday, the global pandemic, the war on feminism, and the collapse of video game journalism. There's a flurry of emotions and anger coming out from all walks of life, but I'm not gonna talk about any of those things. This is a feel-good website. I will instead talk about how much I love video game music.

    I love video game music so much, I acquired this treasure:
    (I couldn't find an appropriate backing, so I took a random piece of art.)

    What is this, you ask? It's the successfully KS-funded VGL L3 album with a bunch of composers' signatures on it. Among them are Tommy Tallarico, Austin Wintory, and some guys from Blizzard. It's actually not that special, since a few hundred of these were signed, but I'll at least try to preserve mine for many generations to come. I actually received this album months ago but only felt like doing this sort of update now.

    This update is to celebrate video game music. The tracks in this update aren't necessarily the greatest ever made, but they're pretty good.

    Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - LONELYROLLINGSTARS - Royal Rainbow Road
    Final Fantasy VIII - Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra - Liberi Fatali
    World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King - City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - Invincible
    Secret of Monkey Island - City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - The Secret of Monkey Island
    Ragnarok Online 2 - Hodo
    Ragnarok Online 2 - Sailing
    Ragnarok Online 2 - Din Don Dan Dan
     renamed from Ragnarok Online 2 - Din Don Dan Dan Fo
    No Heroes Allowed! - Evil Triangle
    No Heroes Allowed! - Theme of Protecting the Demon Lord:3D
    No Heroes Allowed! - World to Come
    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Scorch 'n' Torch
    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Seashore War
    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Windmill Hills
    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Wing Ding
    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - CTPLR - Lon Lon Ranch
    • Let's start off with something uplifting. LONELYROLLINGSTARS is a band that was formed by Stemage. You may remember him for also forming Metroid Metal. LONELYROLLINGSTARS's first album is "CARNIVORTEX". It's free!
    • This is the first FF8 track on the VIP, finally! :D It was hard to decide which arrangement to add, the VGL version or the Distant Worlds version. I eventually stuck with the Distant Worlds version. Although the VGL version had a fuller choir and a better-sounding bass of the timpani, some instruments were getting drowned out. In the Distant Worlds version, I could hear every instrument clearly, especially the percussion instruments; and the brass section sounds more satisfying.
    • This is the first WoW track on the VIP, finally! :D It's been said that Robin Williams was a big fan of WoW, so consider this to be here in his memory. The thing about VGL is that the arrangements always stay true to the original, even though the original is already orchestrated. VGL just sounds more balanced.
    • This is the first and possibly will be the only Monkey Island track on the VIP. Does anybody even remember any other tunes from the game? Anyway, this particular track always confused me because of the seemingly random changing of time signatures. There are just so many ways to measure this track.
    • I can't believe these tracks aren't in the VIP yet. It's as if I completely forgot about Ragnarok Online 2(who wouldn't?), but Yoko Kanno's music should never be forgotten.
    • No Heroes Allowed! is another one of those obscure Japanese games that no one has played. Hell, it doesn't even have its own Wikipedia page. It's the sequel to What Did I Do To Deserve This My Lord!? 2 a.k.a. Holy Invasion Of Privacy, Badman! 2: Time To Tighten Up Security!, which is the sequel to What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord? a.k.a. Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This?. The music for No Heroes Allowed! was composed by none other that Hideki Sakamoto, who also composed the music for the Echochrome series and Attack of the Friday Monsters!, which are also in the VIP. The music in this game can only be described as "an epic romanticized war between children". No other descriptions are allowed. I uploaded the entire OST on YT, because no one else would. This is quite probably the best credits sequence to a video game ever.
    • This is one of the inspirations for this special update: to honor the return of the legendary David Wise. This is the first Donkey Kong Country game in almost 20 years with David Wise listed as composer, and boy, it doesn't disappoint. The only sin is that it doesn't have an official soundtrack, forcing everyone to rip it from the disc. It's the type of music that just makes you tear up a little. I haven't had this feeling since Super Mario Galaxy. Seashore War. ;_;
    • There has to be a Zelda track in here somewhere. This may be why the update is so late in the month. I couldn't find an appropriate Zelda track in the backlog, so I screened some random remix albums.

    Note: "video game music" is not a genre.
    In other words, video game music spans all genres and can be applied anywhere. If you learn to love music from one medium, you'll learn to love music from all mediums. *psst* It's most fun with video game music.
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    Happy belated birthday, Cats.
    What have all the other updates been about?
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    This one's special, because it's long.
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    you should update the vip mellow edition, its nearly been a year (in a couple of days it will be exactly a year)

    keep up the great work 8-) :giggle:

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