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    Forgive me, Aersia, for I have sinned. It has been 3 months since my last update. For my reconciliation, I will do 3 updates this month. I don't think I've ever gone this long without an update. Spring and summer are my laziest seasons. It has something to do with allergies and heat. I got incredibly lazy this season. So no, I'm not dead. If I were dead, someone would've taken my place, probably a son that has yet to be born from a mother I've yet to find.

    Speaking of death, last month on June 2, a great composer known as Kirill Pokrovsky had died of unknown causes at the age of 53. Upon hearing this news, my heart sulked. Kirill is best known as the composer to every Divinity game. He was a brilliant pianist who liked to play as much as he could. He's also a literal rock god.

    Here's a piano concert:

    The Kickstarter party stream for Divinity: Original Sin was and still is the best countdown stream I've ever seen, partly because Kirill was rocking everyone out with his keyboard skills the whole time. This update is dedicated to his memory.

    Divine Divinity - Kirill Pokrovsky - Divine Divinity Main Theme (Piano Version)
     (1000 track!!!)
    Divinity: Original Sin - Beyond the Waves of Time
    Divinity: Original Sin - Power of Innocence
    Divinity: Original Sin - Memories of the Future
    Divinity: Dragon Commander - For The Hand Of A Princess
    Divinity: Dragon Commander - The Board Is Set
    Divinity: Dragon Commander - Watching The Clouds
    • I wanted the 1000th track to be special, and I think this counts. Divine Divinity is a classic game with some good tracks. Unfortunately, most of them are atmospheric, and so the main theme is the only one that really stands out above the rest.
    • Original Sin is definitely Kirill's best work, as far as melodies are concerned. "Power of Innocence" was stuck in my head for weeks. "Memories of the Future" is a glorious piece of work.
    • The only sin that Kirill has made is that his music has been recorded horrendously. Seriously, even a lossless CD-quality file of his music sounds the same as a low-quality MP3 file. And it's been like that for years for some reason.
    • As witnessed throughout this update, I really prefer Kirill's piano tracks. I hope there are enough recordings for a Divinity piano album to be released someday.

    This is perhaps the first time that a talented and popular video game composer has died in my lifetime. ;_; May you rest in peace among the keyboard gods.

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    Yes, I realize Satoru Iwata died today. One death at a time, dammit.
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    Iwata died during the making of this update. :(

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