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    Before I suggest anything, I want to thank Cats777 for the time and effort mining for the gems, and for posting it on Pown.it. I wanted to post a few suggestions that I had in mind and possibly keep this thread alive by continuously posting OSTs I like, or I have had recommended to me by friends on a semi-regular basis. Also, any suggestions for OSTs that anyone has in mind for ME to listen to, feel free to post here 'cuz I'm all ears.

    Oh, and, since linking entire Youtube playlists are beyond my vast library of knowledge, I'm afraid I'm too lazy to go and grab every single track per OST and link it here. However, the playlist itself should be pretty easy to find even for a keyboard cat. If you can't seem to find it, send me a message and I'll link it over to you.

    Anyways, I had 2 soundtracks in mind off of the top of my head.
    The Timesplitters Trilogy OSTs
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    The Timesplitters OSTs had quite a few tracks I liked like Chinese from TS1, NeoTokyo from TS2, and What Lies Beneath from TS3: FP. I won't say all the songs are fantastic, but I definitely think that some of it's music is noteworthy enough to be put onto the VIP.

    The other OST off the top of my head was the OST for The Last Remnant.
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    Some off the best tracks IMO are Press to Victory, The Gates of Hell, Schismogenesis, Reversal!, Limberlost, Swirling Sands, and The Crumbling Fortress.
    A lot of the songs on the OST are part of cinematics or town settings, so some of those are pretty well... meh. But a good portion of them are pretty good.

    Well, that's my 50 cents for the the day.

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