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    You must be thinking to yourself, "Who the f is Matt Gray?" Well, Matt fucking Gray is the composer of the epic soundtrack to the Commodore 64's best-selling hit, Last Ninja 2. He also did some truly awesome arrangements that were crowdfunded THREE GODDAMN TIMES. I'll be adding some of those arrangements along with some other arrangements that other people did of his tracks.

    Rambo: First Blood Part II - Matt Gray - Loading Theme
    Chop N' Drop - Matt Gray - Main Theme
    Sanxion - Matt Gray - Thalamusik -Sanxion Loading Theme
    Lightforce - Matt Gray - Main Theme
    Bangkok Knights - Matt Gray - Loading Theme
    Deliverance: Stormlord II - Matt Gray - Title Theme
    Professional BMX Simulator - Matt Gray - Main Themes
    Treasure Island Dizzy (C64) - MRT - Treasure Island Dizzy
    Matt Gray's arrangements are loud, boomy, and synth-tastic! Most importantly, they stay true to the source tracks. The Chop N' Drop track is probably my favorite out of this bunch. Even though it's nearly 9 minutes long, it has a variety of melodies that doesn't make the track sound repetitive, which is understandable because it's the only song that plays in the game. Not to mention the arrangement has some sick beats.

    Phantom of the Asteroid - Matt Gray - Phantoms Of The Asteroid
    Here's a pretty interesting factoid about PotA, the first Metroidvania:
    >_> I'll be using the title Mobygames and Wikipedia use.

    Cybernoid II: The Revenge - Rob Hubbard, Ricciotti Ensemble - Cybernoid II
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    Cybernoid II: The Revenge - Matt Gray - Cybernoid 2
    As much as I love the masterfully arranged Cybernoid 2 track, a small chamber orchestra does not do it justice; it needs the whole symphony treatment. So I felt it would be better to replace it with something that sounds more like the source track. I've always wanted to use an arrangement by Jeroen Tel himself, but it's been FIVE goddamn years. During this time, Matt Gray has had 3 Kickstarter campaigns.

    Last Ninja 2 - Puffy64 - Central Park (Ingame)
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    Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance - Richard Braithwaite - Central Park Guitar Remix
    Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance - Matt Gray - The Basement Main Theme
    That Last Ninja 2 track in the playlist has been there for a long time. While being a great arrangement, it unfortunately sounds like some muffled shit. My apologies to all the damaged ears over the years. I finally found the perfect replacement that blends the classic chiptune with some rock. It's just like the old arrangement but doesn't rape your ears.

    The C64 has a lot of excellent music that I feel is underrated compared to other consoles. This update will definitely not be the last for the C64.
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