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  1. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    I felt like updating the Mellow playlist today. This time it's all Nintendo!

    Mario Party - Aivi Tran - Rainbow Castle
    Super Mario Galaxy - Aivi Tran - Space Junk Galaxy
    Super Mario 64 - Koji Kondo - Pakkun Flower's Lullaby
    Super Mario World - Soichi Noriki - Morning of Yoster Island
    Super Mario World - Soichi Noriki - Thank You, Mario!
    Super Mario Bros. - Soichi Noriki - Shining Coral
    Super Mario Bros. 3 - Soichi Noriki - Peaceful Mushroom-World
    Animal Crossing - Kenta Nagata - Title
    Animal Crossing - Mesmonium - KK Crusin' (True Remix)
    Animal Crossing - drpez12 - K.K. Bossa
    Animal Crossing: Wild World - Kotaro Nakagawa - Main Theme
    Animal Crossing: Wild World - Kotaro Nakagawa - The Coffee Shop (Pigeon's Den)
    Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Aivi Tran - Main Street
    • Have a couple more soothing sounds of Aivi Tran.
    • The cello in the SM64 track was played by Koji Kondo, the guy who does pretty much every Nintendo soundtrack.
    • Next up are a few smooth jazzy covers from the official Super Mario World OST.
    • Here's the Animal Crossing block. The guy who composed the Animal Crossing music, Kenta Nagata, played the bass in Title.
    • The two ACWW tracks were actually from the Japanese Animal Crossing movie OST.
    • One last Aivi Tran just to be safe.

    Speaking of Animal Crossing, everyone should vote for this.

    Also, congratulations to Mighty No. 9 for a successful campaign!
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  2. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    It turned October, and I just got spooked for a second by the automated wallpaper changing that I forgot happens. >_>
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  3. Jesvice Brie League

    Awesome additions as always

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