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    I'm having this special update dedicated to a man who was wronged by the man. This update includes games that had Mick Gordon involved. Why? Because he's a super-talented composer who might lose his job because of corporate fuck-ups. o_o

    Before I get to it, I know he composed much of the music for the nu-Wolfenstein games. There are none in this update, unfortunately, because they're pretty much all ambient. Okay, now let's get to it.

    Killer Instinct (2013) - The Tiger Warrior
    Killer Instinct (2013) - Hinnamatoom
    Killer Instinct (2013) - The Champion of Sanghelios
    Killer Instinct (Arcade) - Robin Beanland - The Instinct
    Killer Instinct 2 - Robin Beanland - Jago (Shakuhachi Remix)
    Mick Gordon composed for some games prior to this, but Killer Instinct was his breakout hit.

    A man so dedicated to his craft, Mick Gordon had incorporated vocals in each character's native language onto a bunch of tracks. He even visited a Buddhist temple to learn throat-singing just for "The Tiger Warrior"!

    In Season 3 of the game, Mick Gordon had to leave to do the nu-DOOM music, so they hired not one, but two veteran artists to take his place: Celldweller & Atlas Plug. Season 3 was also when they added characters from different Microsoft franchises into the game, like some alien dude from Halo and even a fucking battletoad. "The Champion of Sanghelios" is an arrangement of a Halo 2 track, but more awesomer.

    LawBreakers - Faust
    LawBreakers - Maverick
    LawBreakers - Axel
    Mick Gordon wasn't alone in composing for LawBreakers; there's a whole army of other people with him. Despite being developed by the high-profile Cliffy B, the game was excruciatingly obscure, so obscure that the servers shut down just a year after release. Since it's a multiplayer FPS, it's no longer playable by anyone. That's too bad, but the OST is solid. "Faust" is the Mick Gordon track.

    DOOM Eternal - Cultist Base
    DOOM Eternal - The Only Thing They Fear Is You
    Yes, this is the first time we finally get some nu-DOOM music in the VIP. Despite the terrible mixing and mastering, I find the composition of Eternal's OST a notch better than that of 2016. People have been fawning over "BFG Division" ever since 2016, but I've been highly hesitant in adding it, even though I admit it does sound like sex on headphones. For one thing, the chorus, or main melody, is quite repetitive. Then, there's a lull in the middle of the track that goes on for way too long. Thankfully, these errors have been fixed in Eternal's OST. Plus, some tracks have the added bonus of sounding a bit Frank Klepacki.

    It's a damn shame though that Eternal's OST was royally fucked up by the higher ups. Not only is the mixing bad on most tracks; the mastering is bad on every track, so none of them sound like sex on headphones. I've touched on the importance of preserving artistic intent when I announced VIP 3.0. This is somewhat a big deal, especially when 2016's music was so critically acclaimed.

    So enjoy this while it lasts, because it may be Mick Gordon's last work on DOOM. The tracks I've added to the VIP are ones of the few mixed by Mick himself.

    Here's to hoping Mick gets to remaster the DOOM Eternal OST and find a better job.

    Oh, and there's a petition for some reason.
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