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    Today(Nov 16) is Shigeru Miyamoto's 64th birthday! :D Imagine that. He's now as old as the Nintendo 64! So here's a quick update with only Nintendo stuff.

    Zelda II The Adventure of Link - Famicom Guitar - Adventure of Link
    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - Famicom Guitar - Super Donkey Kong 2
    Ninja Gaiden - Famicom Guitar - Ninja Ryukenden
    Mega Man 4 - Famicom Guitar - Rockman 4
    Ice Climber - Famicom Guitar - Ice Climber
    Diddy Kong Racing - Benjamin Briggs - Royal Rumble (Boss Race)
    Diddy Kong Racing - Benjamin Briggs - Dinosaur Diddy (Ancient Lake)
    Diddy Kong Racing - Benjamin Briggs - Hi There! (Lobby)
     (1100th track!)
    • Famicom Guitar is a talented Japanese dude who likes to remix Nintendo music. In fact, you can get his tracks for free!
    • Here's several more tracks from Benjamin Briggs. The albums where these remixes are from are also free. Yeah! I normally don't add remixes for the same game from the same mixer, but these remixes complement the original tracks all too well.

    This isn't a normal update. It's just something I felt like doing. So, happy birthday, Miyamoto-sama! May you live 64 more years!

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    That title is incredibly weeaboo of me.
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