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    It's a new year! Man, I haven't updated Mellow in over a year! So here's a pretty big and random update.

    NieR - Sean Schafianski - Flower (Yonah/Piano ver.)
    NieR - MONACA - Snow in Summer
    NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... - Ashes of Dreams / Nouveau
    NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... - Kaine / Salvation
    NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... - Fleeting Words / Family
    NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... - Dispossession / Strings Ver.
    NieR: Automata - Peaceful Sleep
    NieR: Automata - Voice of no Return -Guitar
    NieR: Automata - Takuro Iga - Vague Hope
    This is the NieR block.

    Red Dead Redemption - Far Away
    Red Dead Redemption - Deadman's Gun
    Red Dead Redemption - Already Dead
    Red Dead Redemption - Christian Larsson - Compass
    Red Dead Redemption 2 - That's The Way It Is
    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Moonlight
    Red Dead Redemption 2 - The Wheel
    Red Dead Redemption 2 - ortoPilot - Unshaken
    Some good 'ol RDR comin' up.

    Transport Tycoon (2013) - Stroll On
    Transport Tycoon (2013) - Movin' On
    Transport Tycoon (2013) - Can't Get There from Here
    Transport Tycoon (2013) - Little Red Diesel
    This Is The Police - No Good
    This Is The Police - Dirt Cheap
    This Is The Police - Watercolour Grays
    This Is The Police - Whiskey Tinged
    This Is The Police 2 - Old Habits
    This Is The Police 2 - The Stoic
    This Is The Police 2 - In From The Cold
    Rolling in is the jazz section.

    Juuza Engi ~Legend of the Three Kingdom Crescent~ - Monologue
    Juuza Engi ~Legend of the Three Kingdom Crescent~ - Under the Crescent Moon ~ Epilogue
    Juuza Engi ~Legend of the Three Kingdom Crescent~ - A Moment of Relief
    Florence - Florence
    Florence - Inspiration
    NORN9 - Snow-like Retreat
    Here's the Kevin Penkin section. You may have heard of him as the music composer of Made in Abyss.

    Ikenfell - Memories in the Mist
    Lost Ember - Your Light
    Lost Ember - All That You Are
    Lost Ember - Light & Dark
    Lost Ember - Lost Ember Main Title
    Lost Ember - Close to the Sun
    Sonic the Hedgehog - Jon Batiste - Green Hill Zone
    And here's the rest of them.

    Well, that's it. :thumbup: Happy new year.

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