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    Oh boy, time does fly when you're playing an MMO. If you guys haven't noticed yet, I've started playing FFXIV. What a godsdamn mistake that was. Now I can't stop playing it! I haven't been this addicted to an MMO since classic WoW. But enough about me, I must needs go through with this update, which doesn't have any FF at all!

    Also, today marks the VIP's ⑨th birthday! o_o Who would've thought it'd still be here? I did! I want it to live forever!

    Zero Wing - Open Your Eyes (Stage 1-Natols)
    This starts the meme block. "AYBABTU" was considered the meme to end all memes back in my day. A lot of people didn't even know it came from a small game called Zero Wing. I was once obsessed with this average game that I wrote really bad fan-fiction and even created game projects based on it. But that's all in the past now.

    Frog Fractions - Eyes Open
    Frog Fractions - Princess on Princess
    Frog Fractions 2 - Deep Blue Fields
    Frog Fractions 2 - Frozen Village (Winter)
    Frog Fractions 2 - Rains of Renewal (Spring)
    Frog Fractions 2 - Oaken Canvas (Autumn)
    And we've reached the end of the meme block. Frog Fractions was a mystery of a game. It blew up in popularity not because it was a game within a game, but because people didn't know what to expect next. Actually, it was because it was a game within a game within a game. Frog Fractions 2 was the same deal. Strangely enough, the music in Glittermitten Grove is better than in Frog Fractions 2. If more polish and content had been added to Glittermitten Grove, it would've made a pretty solid game by itself.

    There Came an Echo - Alpha Numeric
    There Came an Echo - Override
    There Came an Echo - LAX
    There Came an Echo - Throwing Circles
    There Came an Echo is a real-time tactical game where players use their voice to command in-game characters. That sounds gimmicky as hell; but the OST is pretty great. It's composed by two guys, one of which is Big Giant Circles, who already has a few remixes in the playlist!

    Marriage Quest - Looking For Treasure
    Hyper Furball - Whole New World
    Hyper Furball - Search the Ruins
    Ripple Runner - Ripple Runner
    Ripple Runner - Take It to the Limit
    Minimalist MAYHEM - Minimalist MAYHEM
    Gem Attack - Gem Attack Main Theme
    Nyamo's Adventure - Take to the Skies
    Nyamo's Adventure - Pastry Panic
    All of these games right here were composed and developed by one awesome dude. Each game was made for a 48-hour game development competition called Ludum Dare. Can you imagine developing a playable game while composing catchy and happy-go-lucky tunes such as these all in a span of 48 hours? Well, DDRKirby is your guy. He also does remixes, which will be added at a later date.

    Sorry I coudn't get anything Touhou-related this time. :p
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    BTW, if you're planning on subbing to Final Fantasy XIV, here are some invite codes for free stuff! (If you require more info:
    If one doesn't work, try another one. If none work, contact me and I'll get another one for you. If you're already subbed, you can't use these anymore! >_>
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    happy birthday to VIP :)
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    Happy bday! #putffxmusic in vip
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    Happy birthday vip!!!!!!!!

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