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    I was gonna make this update an old games update, but it became almost entirely a Commodore update.

    Anyway, the C64 was developed after the huge popularity of the Apple II. In fact, the C64 was and still is the highest-selling single computer model of all time, partially due to the fact that it was much cheaper compared to its competitors. A couple of other computers were out during that time, but they were objectively worse to play on and were thus outshined by the C64.

    PC gaming went mainstream with the popularity of the C64, which, for some reason, was more popular in Europe than in the US. In fact, Europeans were still developing games for it well past its lifetime. It also helped that a wide variety of C64 game developers and composers were European.

    The initial loading times on the C64 were notoriously long, lasting up to 30 minutes, since the most common distribution method was freakin' cassette tapes. Composers had to concoct some sick music to keep players entertained. While most games only had one or two tracks, the distinctive sound of the SID chip and its iconic arpeggios left a lasting impact. The C64 is also where cracktros began to get hugely popular. The tradition of having a catchy chiptune introduction for cracks and keygens still remains to this day.

    Later on, the Commodore Amiga was released. It had much faster load times, because most games were distributed on floppy disks this time around. The habit of composing catchy tunes was retained. Unfortunately, the Amiga had to compete with the likes of Atari, Apple, IBM, and the behemoth known as the Nintendo ES. PC gaming took a nose-dive after that.

    And the rest is history.

    Parallax - Little Jester - Parallax Title (Little Jester remake)
    I'm gonna start the update with a track that took me months to decide whether to add or not. I searched far and wide to find the greatest Parallax arrangement, and I guess this'll have to do. It's pretty much a 7-minute buildup to the main melody, and it may even be a tad avant-garde. Hell, the original track is 11 minutes long and has a bizarre 2-minute drone at the end. But this particular arrangement is addictive to listen to. For me, at least.

    There's a better arrangement than this, but it's 20 minutes long, so it's stuck in Exile. It won Remix of the Year 2022 on Remix64 though.

    Jaguar XJ220 - D4XX MUSIC - Title (D4XX Remix)
    Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (Amiga) - Instant Remedy - Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
    Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (Amiga) - D4XX MUSIC - Forest Course (D4XX Remix)
    Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (Amiga) - D4XX MUSIC - Ending Theme (D4XX Remix)
    Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (Amiga) - D4XX MUSIC - Motorway Course (D4XX Remix)
    Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge (Amiga) - D4XX MUSIC - Night (D4XX Extended Remix)
    Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge (Amiga) - D4XX MUSIC - Space Ninja (D4XX feat. Gibs Remix)
    And here's the racing game block, which has historically had some good music. The developers of the Lotus series were also responsible for the Top Gear series on the SNES.

    X-Out - D4XX MUSIC - Loader (D4XX Remix)
    Battle Valley (C64) - D4XX MUSIC - Title (D4XX Remix)
    Deflektor (C64) - D4XX MUSIC - Title (D4XX Remix)
    A continuation of D4XX's excellent arrangements. They remind me of the quality arrangements by Matt Gray.

    The Ninja Warriors - Dubmood - Ninjaflood Starts School
      exiled from VIP
    The Ninja Warriors - Junichi Kawaguchi - DADDY MULK
    The Ninja Warriors - Junichi Kawaguchi - ARE YOU LADY?
    Last Ninja Remix - FastLoaders - The Mansion
    Last Ninja 3 (C64) - FastLoaders - Fire
    Last Ninja 3 (C64) - Reyn Ouwehand - Last Ninja 3 Intro
    The Last Ninja - Instant Remedy - Last Ninja: The Palace
    The Last Ninja - Press Play on Tape - The Last Ninja (The Wilderness)
    *Teleports behind you.* Nothing personnel, kid, but we can't have an 80s/90s game music update without ninjas. I know the Dubmood arrangement is a classic, but this official arrangement by Junichi Kawaguchi just sounds fuller and has the complete melody of the original track.

    One Man and His Droid (C64) - Press Play on Tape - One Man and His Droid
    Nemesis the Warlock (C64) - Press Play on Tape - Nemesis the Warlock
    Zoids - Press Play on Tape - Zoids
    Amberstar (Amiga) - CZ-Tunes - Amberstar [Title Theme] (CZ-Tunes Remix)
    To be on Top - Chris Huelsbeck - To Be On Top
    Rubicon - moog - Rubicon Title 98
    A Prehistoric Tale (Amiga) - Jogeir Liljedahl - A Prehistoric Tale
    Space Harrier - Mitch Murder - Space Harrier
      replacing Space Harrier - Theme
    Lost Patrol (Amiga) - Mitch Murder - Lost Patrol Theme
    Clystron - Thomas Detert - Clystron
    Mega Starforce: Return to the Great Star - The Force
    Coalminer - Digging in the Dirt
    Hyper Aggressive - Hyper Aggressive
    Finally, here are some great single tracks for a few games.

    And, well, that's about it. I actually tried some of these games and they're pretty much unplayable today. However, the music remains timeless. ♾️
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    Hope you dudes had a happy turkey day.

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