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Discussion in 'Playlists' started by InflatableBoat, Sep 18, 2022.

  1. InflatableBoat Casu Marzu League

    Hi Cats777, first of all thanks for building and maintaining this awesome playlist, been listening on and off for the past ten years! I found many cool soundtracks and even games because of music on it:)

    Now I finally have a suggestion, I recently played Omori, which really pulled at my heartstrings. There's so much good stuff here, but I'm probably biased since the music now has emotional value to me ;_;

    Here are my suggestions:
    OMORI OST - 040 You Were Wrong. Go Back.
    OMORI OST - 032 Stardust Diving
    And everytime I cry ;_; ;_;
    OMORI OST - 172 DUET

    And maybe one or two for the mellow playlist:
    OMORI OST - 112 H20:HCL
    OMORI OST - 111 Sinking

    Once again thanks for this playlist! And for anyone reading this, I would also recommend to play the game, it's an amazing story.

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