Question Possibility of playing aersia on android phone?

Discussion in 'Query Canteen' started by Sasha, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Sasha Thread Starter Guest

    Hey there, Sash here,
    Is it possible to play the aersia playlist on mobile devices?
    No device supports flash anymore.. I have been trying for the better part of two days to get my phone to play flash files to no avail.. I read in another forum reply that you were converting the playlist to HTML5? Any news on how that has been working out?

    I fall asleep every night listening to the mellow playlist, but my PC died a few days back... Really having trouble sleeping without the awesomeness that the mellow playlist is...

    Thanks for any info! Keep up the amazing work, and have yourself a good one! :)
  2. XzX_0V3R_$W4GUL4TE_XzX Thread Starter Epoisses de Bourgogne League

    Somone made an app on the google play store for all of the playlists ^^
    Just search Aersia
    Its a tad glitchy but it works and thats all that matters

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