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    We live in a strange time when saying "OK, boomer" to an actual boomer could be deadly for that boomer. So to be extra safe, keep your nanas, mimaws, and mommoms in their respective cages, then lock yourself in your room like a true NEET. Just sit back, relax, and play the new Animal Crossing. But most importantly, WASH YOUR HANDS! Showers are optional. Maybe.

    Xenoblade Chronicles - Jonny Atma - Gaur Plains
    Xenoblade Chronicles - Hometown (Night)
    Xenoblade Chronicles - Colony 9 (Night)
    Xenoblade Chronicles - Satorl Marsh (Night)
    Jonny Atma, creator of the wonderful acoustic track, is more commonly known as GaMetal. Xenoblade Chronicles really had a great OST with a calm nighttime track for every area. It sucks that there isn't enough arrangements of them. I guess making exciting arrangements gets more clicks.

    Sonic Unleashed - Apotos -Night
    Sonic Unleashed - Empire City -Night
    Sonic Unleashed - Spagonia -Night
    Oh yeah, Sonic Unleashed also had pretty smooth night tracks!

    DEEMO - Sakura iro no yume
    DEEMO - Walking By The Sea
    DEEMO - Yawning Lion
    Ah, remember that sad piano-based rhythm game? It has some chill tracks, of course. Not what you'd expect from a typical rhythm game.

    Final Fantasy XIII - Ryu Kawamura - Serah's Theme Jazz Arrangement
    Final Fantasy III - Masatsugu Shinozaki, Risa Ohki, Katsuhiko Kinoshita - Once You Meet Her
    Final Fantasy VI - Yoshiro Nakamura, Risa Ohki, Claudio Ramos - Nao Chora Menina
    Square Enix always has top-notch game music, especially when it comes to the dozens of Final Fantasy arrangement albums. It almost makes you wonder what their priorities are in terms of game development, haha.

    Fun fact: This update contains 3 vocal tracks in 3 different languages.

    Well, that's it. I find that playing something as relaxing and time consuming as Animal Crossing is the best medicine to get through this situation. What a genius move by Nintendo for releasing it at the perfect time! So go get ACNH, unless you're on lockdown, then, uh, there's always piracy.
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    the boomer doomer is upom us
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    Yeah, Sonic Unleashed definitely have some pretty smooth night tracks!
    Also, really liked that FFVI track!

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