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    Were you ResidentSleeper from this year's E3? Not me, I'm totally hyped for [video game]! This update has music from just Square Enix and NIntendo, because that's all I have that are E3-related at the moment. It's not like the big action games have mellow tracks worth a damn, anyway.

    Final Fantasy VII - Mustin - Serenity
    Final Fantasy VII - Fredrik Hathen - Keep Kalm and Carry On
    Final Fantasy VII - Andrew Furmanczyk & Joanna Lee - Tifa's Theme
    Final Fantasy VII - Joanne Moo & Kristin Naigus - Dear to the Heart
    Final Fantasy VII - Takashi Hoshide - Words Drowned by Fireworks
    The FFVII remake is a big one. It's so big, it's being released in installments; the first of which is taking place only in Midgar. I imagine it's gonna be free-roaming.

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Laura Shigihara - Old Cafe
    There's a new Animal Crossing coming out that I see myself getting extremely comfy with. For now, let's listen to the soothing voice of Laura Shigihara.

    Secret of Mana - Alexander Brandon ft. Lauren Liebowitz - A Storm is Coming
    Secret of Mana - William Reyes - Together Always
    Secret of Mana - Super Guitar Bros - The Summer Sky is Blue
    Secret of Mana - Jorito feat. JoyDreamer, JohnStacy - Whispers (Whisper and Mantra)
    The legendary Secret of Mana 2 that was never released in the US is being remade in full 3D. Looking forward to the influx of new lewds. But no, this update only has Secret of Mana music.

    Final Fantasy VIII - Naganori Sakakibara - Eyes on Me (Acoustic Guitar Version)
    FFVIII is getting remastered for some reason. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise, since they're gonna remaster every FF eventually. For this track, I had to choose between a piano version and an acoustic guitar version. I opted to go for the latter, because I find acoustic guitars comfier and to just balance out all the pianos in the playlist.

    Weird thing is that I was most excited for Empire of Sin, a Paradox game and co-developed by John Romero, which was revealed on Nintendo Direct of all places.
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    Yeah, and I'm just wondering how would be a FFXV remake in a near future....

    Anyway, E3 was pretty cool, with many games announced, and it was great that you have chosen some musics related to this big event :thumbup:
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    Thanks for giving some love for Mellow list :)

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