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    Surprise update! This is the last update of 2020! Or, for some, the first update of 2021!

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll. It means people actually read the stuff I post.

    The people have spoken! The Flash playlists will no longer be updated! Everyone should migrate over to VIPVGM. Moreover, will be set up to redirect to the new site sometime in January.

    vip.swf had a good run, so let's finish it off with a bang! What better way to cap off the classic playlist and 2020 in general than with some good-old classic Nintendo tunes.

    Super Mario Land - Ikuroh Fujiwara, Mario Freaks Orchestra - ENDING (Ending ~ Staff Roll)
      replacing Super Mario Land - Rocket Ship Ride
    Let's start at the end with a very sweet and synth-y arrangement! Does it still count as synthwave if it actually came from the 80s?

    Super Mario Kart - The OneUps - Rainbow Road
    Super Mario Kart - Super Soul Bros - Mario Circuit
    Mario Kart 64 - Drodash II - Frappe Snowland/Sherbet Land
    Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - Ending
    Mario Kart 7 - Staff Roll
    Mario Kart 7 - Rainbow Road
    Mario Kart 8 - Mario Kart Stadium
    Here's a bunch-load of Mario Kart.

    Super Mario Bros. 3 - DDRKirby(ISQ) - Underground Pipe Society (Club Edit)
    Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - DDRKirby(ISQ) - Super Mega Ultra Pipe House
    Dr. Mario - Kirby's Dream Band - Fever
    Here's a couple of random arrangements. I don't know how to organize this mess of an update.

    DuckTales - The 8-Bit Big Band - The Moon Theme
      replacing DuckTales - The Moon
    Super Mario Bros. - The 8-Bit Big Band - Super Mario Bro's Mambo
    Donkey Kong Country - The 8-Bit Big Band - Aquatic Ambiance
    Super Mario Sunshine - The 8-Bit Big Band - Delfino Plaza
    Super Mario Galaxy - The 8-Bit Big Band - Rosalina in the Observatory
    I'm a big fan of big band. The 8-Bit Big Band is a big band that makes big band music. They actually sound very clean and professional, making them one of my favorite VGM arrangement bands. I swear all of their arrangements sound perfect. Their "The Moon" is the best arrangement I've heard of it. It almost made me cry. Their "Aquatic Ambience" sounds like the theme song to a movie. The mambo is the perfect style for the SMB theme. It's all top-notch! Even better is that the music is FREE!

    Super Mario Odyssey - Fossil Falls
    Super Mario Odyssey - New Donk City
    Super Mario Odyssey - Jazztick, Iris ~Pamela Calvo~ - Jump Up, Super Star!
    Super Mario 3D World - Jazztick - Super Bell Hill
    Super Mario 3D World - Sunshine Seaside
    This is a Super Mario Odyssey block that segues into Jazztick. Already an instant classic. "Fossil Falls" is very reminiscent of "Gusty Garden Galaxy" from SMG. I know someone's gonna hate me for adding this version of "Jump Up, Super Star" over the original. While the original has a fuller band, I actually prefer this version's deeper, more voluptuous vocals. With the smaller band, it also sounds more intimate.

    Super Mario Bros. 2 - Ground BGM
    And finally, let's top it all off with a total classic, both VGM-wise and meme-wise.

    Happy new year, everyone!
    See you next time!
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