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Discussion in 'Announcements Area' started by Cats777, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    #2 on Google!

    That's right, the VIP is on the bottom of the 2nd page when Googling "video game music"! It's weird considering it's a Flash file and I've disabled any sort of search engine crawling.

    Steam Group

    We now have a Steam Group for extra networking purposes. More networking is good networking. It's an open group so anyone can join and synergize.

    Security Update

    Due to some spammers successfully creating accounts or posting anonymously, I've installed a tighter CAPTCHA that no bot can solve. Now, when you register or post as a guest, you'll be welcomed with something like this:

    I'll add more images when I feel like it.
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  2. ZippyDoo Monterey Jack League

    Sweet updates! Soon VIP will be #1 right? We can only go up from here.

    Also with that picture, none of those pictures are actually Metroid. They're all Samus.

    The steam group is actually set to invite only I think. All's good in the hood now
  3. aturtledoesbite Epoisses de Bourgogne League

    Cats is obviously not a true Metroid fan. :p

    The Steam group is, indeed, set to invite-only, as you can see here:
  4. Streke Edam League

    I must applaud you on the distinctive use of Corgis. Absolute best animal to compare with.

    Also, it's Samus, rather. Not to be confused with Mr. Halo from the Halo series. He's a cool guy too, but different armour.
  5. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    I'm seeing 5 members in the group right now. Maybe Steam is just bugging out.
  6. magus0 Cheddar League

    Well Samus can't possibly be a Metroid, therefor all the corgis are obviously metroids in disguise.

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