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    This is the first update since everyone was forced to switch to VIPVGM! Hope you all got acclimated and shit.

    Anyway, it's Valentines DayWeek! :D Time to do some cuddling up with your significant other and listening to some sensuous video game music. Nothing makes them quiver in pleasure more than an amazing track from your favorite video game. I guarantee it! If not, dump them immediately!*

    In recognition of Valentine's DayWeek, I'm adding tracks from games with love in them. That's actually a ton of games and includes pretty much every visual novel and RPG. o_o

    YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world. - Movement 1 (Prologue/Indoor Movement)
    YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world. (2017) - Other World 1
    I will begin with the VN that inspired some other huge VNs, including Fate/Stay Night and Steins;Gate. Even your favorite investigation lawyer series Ace Attorney owes its gratitude to YU-NO.

    Little Busters! - Epic Mortal Fight
    Little Busters! - Girls at 4:30 PM
    Little Busters! - Heroic Battle
    Little Busters! is a VN from the makers of the incomparable Clannad. It's pretty popular, I believe.

    Demonbane - Roar of the Machine God -Steel Crossed with Steel
    Demonbane - The Convictor -The White Angel's Wings Dance
    Demonbane - Let Us Conquer the Battlefield Filled with Fear, Despair, Valor, and Pride
    Next is a VN called Demonbane. This one has giant robots. I really don't know anything about this one, except the music was composed by ZIZZ Studio, which also composed the music for the Cladun series. That's actually how I found out about them.

    Shamana Shamana ~Magic of the Moon, the Heart, and the Sun~ - Electric Asturias - Moondawn
    Shamana Shamana ~Magic of the Moon, the Heart, and the Sun~ - The Village's Number One Daughter
    Here's a super obscure VN that I've only heard of because Yoh Ohyama was involved in it. Yoh Ohyama was also part of ZIZZ and has his own band called Acoustic/Electric Asturias, of which I own some albums. I highly, highly recommend them. Listen to this masterpiece.

    Neorude 2 - Flying Land-Ship ~ Ship
    Neorude 2 - Tomorrow of Promise (Last Battle)
    Neorude 2 - Blood Angel (Battle Vs. Red Angel)
    Here's a mega ultra obscure RPG. I mean, it's so obscure there's nothing about it at all on the intarwebs, not even what the game is like. But it's an RPG, so I assume there's some romance in it. It also has a stellar soundtrack composed by the same team who composed the music for the ThunderForce series.

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Nestalgica - Silver for Monsters, Steel for Humans
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Percival - Lazare (Steel For Humans, Bulgaria)
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Percival - Naranca (Croatia)
    Time for the most badass Slavic tracks since STALKER's Bandit Radio, guaranteed to grow beards and boners. The thing that makes the Witcher 3 OST special is a band called Percival. Named after a minor character in the Witcher novels, the band covers classic Slavic folk songs, some of which are played in Witcher 3. So even though the VIP shows the tracks as arrangements, they're actually the originals and the tracks in the game are the arranged versions.

    Yes, "Steel for Humans" appears twice. Can't have enough "banana tigers".

    Mobius Final Fantasy - Infinite Arena
    Mobius Final Fantasy - Wol's Theme -The Journey Begins
    Mobius Final Fantasy - Extreme Warriors
    Mobius Final Fantasy - None Shall Remember the Names of Those Who Do Not Fight.
    And now, for a bittersweet ending. Mobius Final Fantasy is a single-player, story-rich JRPG with multiplayer elements. Unfortunately, it was released on mobile devices as a gacha game. The servers shut down on the summer of last year to much sadness without the possibility of an offline option. This AAA gacha game lasted 5 years. How long will Genshin Impact last before its servers ultimately shut down and make it unplayable?

    But hey, at least we have a 7-disc OST. And I managed to gather four tracks of different musical styles.

    *This is not professional dating advice. I am not a dating professional. Don't follow this. What's wrong with you?
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    Thanks. Missed this for Valentines but great update! :D

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