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Discussion in 'Anime Alley' started by ZippyDoo, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. ZippyDoo Monterey Jack League

    From what I can see, this upcoming season is turning into a whole lot of sequels to shows I've never seen.

    Neregate Ver. 1 (open)

    Nothing stands out to me that much other than Red Data Girl and Photo Kano. Mainly because they are being produced by P.A. Works and Madhouse. I could probably wrap my head around more of the shows if I had watched most of the prequels.

    Interesting thing is that My Little Pony is getting a Japanese dub.
  2. Risoluto Limburger League

    I have a soft spot for Hayate no Gotoku, so I'll prolly be watching that. Railgun's interesting too, if only for the setting.

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