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    We're living in the precursor to the age where post-apocalyptic cyberpunk could become a possibility. Picture for a moment walled "clean" cities where every non-biological object is sterilized. Citizens are monitored, judged, and ranked on cleanliness. Mandatory are all vaccinations and genetic engineering to boost immunity. People turn to cybernetics to free themselves from their natural biological filthiness. The sick are immediately quarantined in hospital prisons. Everything outside of the walled cities is a disease-ridden wasteland filled with cannibals and conservatives. And it's always nighttime for some reason.

    Now that I set the tone, you're ready for the update.

    Synthwave, specifically retrowave (or outrun if you're a redditor), is one of my favorite musical genres. I thank the Protomen for introducing me to it. You can argue that the Protomen's music isn't really synthwave (there's actually almost no synth), but their new age retro 80s sound had led up to me taking an interest in it.

    Nirvana Pilot Yume - Splatter
    Nirvana Pilot Yume - Outrun
    Nirvana Pilot Yume - Lethal
    Nirvana Pilot Yume - Retrospect
    Nirvana Pilot Yume is an extremely obscure visual novel with gameplay elements and is one of those cases where the OST is much better than the game.

    Katana ZERO - Powernerd - Katana ZERO (Powernerd Remix)
    Katana ZERO - HRDY - Full Confession (HRDY Remix)
    Katana ZERO - Sneaky Driver
    On the other hand, Katana ZERO is super-popular.

    Rocket League - Glide
    Rocket League - Expedition
    Rocket League - Runnin (feat. Nick Smith)
    Rocket League - Shibuya Shift
    Rocket League has a lot of great music, mainly because of their partnership with Monstercat. I managed to pick 4 different tracks that are not only my favorites but are also fairly unique and not as pop-y sounding as the rest. "Glide" is the only synthwave track, but I had to include the others for the sake of completion. But RL music is never really complete, because new songs are continuously being added to the game. :o

    VirtuaVerse - Dangerous Corp.
    VirtuaVerse - Xenon
    VirtuaVerse - Motordrone
    VirtuaVerse is a music album with gameplay elements that was released literally this week. It's a pretty obscure point-and-click adventure game with story and music by a somewhat popular artist: Master Boot Record. The music may overshadow the game with the way it's marketed (it's even being published by a music label), but people say the game is fine in its own right.

    The music is what you get when synthwave and metal combine. It's also available for just $1!

    Journey to Silius - Sir_NutS - New Space Age (Stage 2)
    Crazy Comets - Sonic Wanderer - Crazy Comets (Laserdance)
    Storm - Glyn R. Brown - Storm (Tribute to Pet Shop Boys)
    Streets of Rage - DATAStream - The Street of Rage
    Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (SNES) - Alpharisc - Ken
    He are some more arrangements. You may have already heard MBR's Syndicate one. He does some sweet arrangements.
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    Two updates in one week? Inconceivable!

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