Role Play take two dnd maybe

Discussion in 'Forum Games Forum' started by Drak, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Drak Cottage League

    As previous post but actually logged in now. I've got some campaign ideas and diceserv can be used to document all dice rolls too. Anyone here play DND?
  2. Banditachu Cheddar League

    I played it a couple times in high school and loved it. Would love to play again in anyway shape of form.
  3. aturtledoesbite Gorgonzola League

    I'd love to. What edition will we be using?
  4. Drak Cottage League

    I really like 3e and 3.5 - hate 4+

    Some homebrew elements may arise. Your mileage may vary
  5. aturtledoesbite Gorgonzola League

    Well, when you make a decision, do tell us so we can make the right character sheet. :p

    Personally, I've only ever used Pathfinder, but I quite liked it.
  6. ZippyDoo Brie League

    I've never played DnD before but I've always been interested in it. Would definitely like to play, but I would need a lot of help in starting out.
  7. Drak Cottage League

    Sorry I havennt said much been sick gonna be better tho eventually. Should I draw up some sample chara sheets? How do you guys feel bout homebrew stuff
  8. aturtledoesbite Gorgonzola League

    Homebrew is fine for me as long as I can understand it. A character sheet would help, yeah.

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