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    February is a pretty eventful month. There's the Grammies, the Oscars, the Superbowl, Singles Awareness Day, Black History Month, George Washington's Birthday, and Leap Year. And now, it's the very first TRIFECTA UPDATE! For today only(or yesterday, depending on which universe you live in(actually, I've just been really busy at work and this is the earliest time I've gotten to post this(but I uploaded the files yesterday, so technically it's still yesterday's update))), I updated three playlists at once! I even made the tag [Multi] just for this special occasion.

    I decided to revisit some games on the playlist and found that I was once pretty strict when it came to adding tracks. So this VIP update will focus on adding some more tracks to existing games.
    Sonic Unleashed - Jungle Joyride-Night
     renamed from Sonic Unleashed - Adabat Night
    Sonic Unleashed - Dragon Road-Day
     renamed from Sonic Unleashed - Chun-Nan Day
    Sonic Unleashed - Rooftop Run-Day
    Sonic Unleashed - Super Sonic vs. Perfect Dark Gaia
    de Blob - Raydian Day (Unstoppable)
    de Blob - Splashback (Defiant)
    de Blob 2 - The Roll & Bounce
    Ikaruga - Chapter 01 (Ideal)
    Ikaruga - Final Chapter (Metempsychosis)
    • Sonic Unleashed has a really damn good soundtrack. For the tracks already in the playlist, it turns out that the titles were wrong! And not one person brought it to my attention. >_>
    • There's only one de Blob track on the playlist. How did that happen? I have no clue. Let the funk flow.
    • Again, Ikaruga. Excellent soundtrack. Just one track on the playlist.

    Chrono Cross - Meine Meinung - Guldove (Home World)
    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Seashore War
    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Harvest Hazards-Underwater
    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Fruit Factory
    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Mangrove Cove-Underwater
    Final Fantasy IV - Maire Bhreatnach - Prologue...
    Final Fantasy IV - Maire Bhreatnach - Rydia
    • Pretty sure there's already a Meine Meinung track around here, but just in case, here's another one. They're an awesome Japanese live band.
    • The FF4 Celtic Moon album was made by an actual Celtic person.
    • Enjoy these tropical-sounding Donkey Kong tracks with the rain, the freezing rain!

    Wolf's Rain - Stray
    Wolf's Rain - Could You Bite The Hand?
    Wolf's Rain - Cycle
    Sword Art Online - Swordland
    Sword Art Online - Luminous Sword
    Sword Art Online - aerial fight
    Kiteretsu Encyclopedia - Hajimete No Chu
    • I revisited the Wolf's Rain OST, because STRAAAAAAYAAAY. Steve Conte is too damn awesome to ignore. Truefacks: Gabriela Robin is white Yoko Kanno.
    • Yuki Kajiura is back with a vengeance in Sword Art Online, a blatant Dot Hack ripoff.
    • And now for something completely different. I have no idea what this animu is, but I can't stop smiling to this song.

    Whenever I'm bored at work, I do a bit of world-building for the Aersia universe. The era "Pre-Skyward Destiny" is now "Divine Destiny", and "Pre-Celestial Destiny" is now "Forsaken Destiny". I've also come up with a fifth era called "Paradise Destiny". Projects for that one will be undertaken after projects for the other eras are completed, as it is essentially the building block from which all events in the future eras are rooted(meaning lots and lots of spoilers).

    If you didn't know about any of this, it was all in the About page. It's still not very important currently, but stay tuned! :?:
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    I totally forgot to plug a Kickstarter project that's really special to me, because it's pretty much the only video game orchestra that's actively touring around the world, spreading some serious VGM goodness. I'm talking, of course, about Video Games Live! Check it out!

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