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    A suggestion. The song that overrides all other songs lol. It's from the Super Robot Wars series of video games. The game series is a crossover turn based strategy featuring various mecha anime like Gundam 0079, Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, Macross, Armor Trooper VOTOMS, Space Runaway Ideon, Evangelion, Gurren Lagaan, Gunbuster, and more.

    This particular song is from Super Robot Wars OG. One of the three only SRW titles to be released in America due to restrictive licensing rights. The reason why this game was able to be released is that each SRW title contains original characters intended for each game's universe. This game basically uses and brings all those NAMCO-Bandai created characters and puts them into one game thus avoiding licensing rights.

    This song is known for creating a glitch where it basically plays over all other songs during it's first appearance, but since then it has become sort of a "thing" to make it override other songs in the series.

    Badass song considering the fact that it overrides the openings from various anime like Voltes V, Steel Jeeg, and GaoGaiGar.
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    Super Robot Wars OG was great - it was probably the only one I played. I had a strong fondness for the Alteisen, it was so damn cool and had the most awesome attack with it's revolver stake. I was pretty surprised to find out the Alteisen had a co-op attack with the sniping Mech, too.

    So, I certainly agree the game deserves a shoe-into the playlist, it was pretty nice even for someone who doesn't play games in that involve a lot of turn-based strategy, IE Fire Emblem and such. I can't quite remember the songs in the game specifically, but Thrash's suggestion sounds familiar, and fits the bill pretty well. I like this suggestion, actually.

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